New addition to ultra-low power family of memory products

15-11-2018 | Winbond | Subs & Systems

Winbond Electronics announces that it is bringing the power-saving benefits of its 1.2V W25Q-ND series of SpiFlash memory products to a broader range of applications with the introduction of parts with new bigger memory capacities. The products give typical Normal mode and Stand-by mode power savings of 33% in comparison to similar NOR Flash devices running from a 1.8V supply. William Chen, deputy director of the Flash Product Marketing Division at Winbond, said: "Winbond is already a highly regarded, reliable supplier to high-volume manufacturing customers from its proven 46nm SLC NAND Flash process. Now the successful introduction to our fab of a new, high-yield 32nm process shows that Winbond continues to invest in advanced technology to meet the demanding cost and volume requirements of our customers." electronica 2018, Stand B5.520