Performance of NAND Flash memory offers excellent data-transfer rates

02-07-2018 | Winbond | Semiconductors

Winbond Electronics has introduced a high-performance serial NAND Flash memory IC which offers a new high data-transfer rate of 83MB/s via a QSP). The company's new technology also maintains a two-chip dual quad interface which gives a top data transfer rate of 166MB/s. This high-speed read operation, some 4x faster than current serial NAND memory devices can offer, means that the new chip replaces SPI NOR Flash memory in automotive applications such as data storage for instrument clusters or the CID. The device also meets strict automotive demands for quality and reliability. Built with high-reliability SLC memory technology, and implementing 1-bit ECC on all read and write operations, it complies with the endurance, retention and quality requirements of the AEC-Q100 standard and relevant JEDEC specifications. The device operates from -40C to 105C and retains data for 10 years at 85C after 1,000 program/erase cycles, whereas eMMC devices, can only retain data for a fraction of that time under these conditions. William Chen, deputy director of the Flash Product Marketing Division at Winbond, said:"Car’s large and attractive displays need higher memory capacity, beyond the 'sweet spot' of SPI NOR Flash, which is good for up to 512Mbits. For systems that require high-speed memory in capacities of 1Gbit or higher, Winbond's High-Performance Serial NAND Flash is the new best choice for automotive OEMs, offering a combination of lower unit cost, smaller size and excellent reliability and data retention."

By Electropages Admin