Multi-band antenna series for high precision applications

U-blox has announced the ANN-MB multi-band active GNSS antennas, targeted at the needs of applications requiring centimetre-level positioning accuracies. The devices provide produc

Products | 07-09-2018

Module aids global IoT and M2M applications

U-blox has announced that US Cellular has certified its ultra-compact LTE Cat M1 SARA-R410M module, claimed to be the first of its kind to run on the US Cellular LTE Cat M1 network

Products | 30-08-2018

2G cellular module offers an easy upgrade path to LPWA

U-blox has announced the SARA-G450, a cost-optimized 2G cellular module for M2M applications, including utility metering and tracking systems. Offered in the industry-proven SARA f

Products | 30-07-2018

Accelerated traffic safety with small concurrent dual-channel communication chip

U-blox is offering its UBX-P3 chip for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) wireless communication based on the DSRC/802.11p standard. The chip grows on the success of theTHEO-P1 and VERA-

Products | 11-06-2018

Easy-to-use dual-mode Bluetooth module features strong security for industrial IoT

U-blox has announced the new NINA-B2 dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2 stand-alone module, enabling industrial IoT applications due to its built-in secure boot and broad temperature ranges.

Products | 19-04-2018

Surveying solution with drone using high-performance positioning technology

U-blox has announced that Japan-based Aerosense Inc. has commercialised its AEROBO Marker solution for drone surveying using their NEO-M8T timing module. Created to calculate absol

Products | 13-03-2018

NB-IoT module certified for use in hazardous environments

U-blox has announced that its SARA-N2 NB-IoT module series has entered initial production and is now certified for use in Europe, Asia and Australia. The module has also received A

Products | 07-03-2018

Robust and versatile high precision positioning technology for industrial and automotive applications

U-blox has announced the U-blox F9 technology platform, which delivers high precision positioning solutions for mass market industrial and automotive applications. The platform com

New Technologies | 26-02-2018

Subsidised NB-IoT module for sale on China Telecom Tianyigou purchasing platform

U-blox now offers its SARA-N201 NB-IoT module on the China Telecom Tianyigou purchasing platform. Customers who purchase modules there are eligible to receive a per-unit subsidy of

Products | 08-02-2018

Technology provides cellular connectivity for a professional IoT platform

U-blox's SARA cellular module series provides wireless connectivity for a new end-to-end platform for Industry 4.0. With the platform, created by Italian-based Iomote, businesses w

Products | 29-01-2018

Small multi-mode LTE and 2G solution offers global configurability in a single version

U-blox has released the SARA-R412M, an LTE Cat M1, NB-IoT, and quad band 2G (EGPRS) module with worldwide coverage. Measuring just 16mm x 26 mm, the module is claimed to be the wor

Products | 25-01-2018

IoT module certifications meet Chinese telecom market requirements

U-blox has announced that its SARA-N2 NB-IoT modules have now successfully completed AVL certification with China Telecom and validation with China Unicom. This includes the SARA-N

Products | 17-11-2017

Concurrent GNSS technology offers accuracy, reliability and affordability

U-blox has announced that its LEA-M8T concurrent GNSS timing module is now being used by V3Novus, in its latest Precision Synchronization System with built-in NTP Server. Aimed

Products | 12-10-2017

Full-featured Bluetooth 5 module for applications in smart buildings, smart cities and the Industry 4.0

U-blox is launching its full Bluetooth 5 compliant NINA-B3 wireless MCU module. Featuring Bluetooth low energy long range connectivity, high data transfer rates and supporting Blue

Products | 05-10-2017