IoT chipset offers unprecedented wireless technology integration

u-blox has completed AT&T’s chipset verification process for the UBX-R5 multi-band LPWA chipset platform to run on the carrier’s LTE-M network for the IoT. The chipset provides

Semiconductors | 26-03-2020

Cellular module for industrial applications secure the IoT from end to end

U-blox now provides certification of its SARA-R410M-63B module for Japan market on the LTE-M cellular network of the domestic network operators. The module series will support a br

Subs & Systems | 23-03-2020

Chipset ideal for mission‑critical or long lifecycle IoT applications

U-blox has announced certification by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) of the UBX-R5, the company’s proprietary multi-band LTE-M/NB-IoT chipset offering end-to-end device secur

New Technologies | 05-03-2020

Global LPWA cellular modules gain security and positioning features

U-blox has extended its SARA-R4 family of LTE-M, NB-IoT and EGPRS cellular modules to incorporate variations with the hardware and software options required to allow end-to-end sec

Subs & Systems | 26-02-2020

IoT ecosystem has strengthened security

U-blox is strengthening the security of IoT ecosystems created upon its dedicated LTE-M and NB-IoT chipset by implementing a key set of security features endorsed by the GSMA. Supp

New Technologies | 21-02-2020

Dual-mode cellular module ideal for a wide spectrum of IoT applications

U‑blox offers certification of its dual-mode SARA‑R410M‑83B module for Australia on Telstra’s LTE‑M and NB-IoT cellular network. The module is ideal for a wide spectrum of IoT appl

Subs & Systems | 18-02-2020

New L-band receiver enables centimetre-level positioning for the mass market

U-blox has released a cost-effective approach to bringing centimetre-level accuracy to GNSS receivers. Its new NEO-D9S GNSS correction data receiver module receives GNSS correction

Semiconductors | 24-01-2020

Cellular module secures the IoT from end to end

U-blox has announced certification of its SARA-R410M-73B module for South Korea on SK Telecom’s LTE-M cellular network. The module series supports a wide spectrum of IoT applicatio

Subs & Systems | 08-01-2020

Ultra-small high-performance Bluetooth 5.0 module added to portfolio

U-blox has announced its latest ultra-small, high-performance Bluetooth low energy 5.0 module, the BMD-380. Measuring only 7.5mm x 9.5mm including the ceramic antenna, it fea

Subs & Systems | 20-12-2019

Compact host-based multi-radio module targets latest car models and industrial devices

U-blox has introduced the JODY-W2 presents automakers with a feature-rich and ultra-compact wireless module offering industry-leading performance specifications. Moreover, a 13.8mm

Automotive & Transport | 02-12-2019

Centimetre-level GNSS positioning solution for IoT applications

U-blox has announced that Taoglas has developed a centimetre-level GNSS positioning solution. Incorporating a high precision L1/L2/E5 GNSS receiver, the U-blox ZED-F9P all the requ

New Technologies | 11-11-2019

Bluetooth low energy module ideal for indoor positioning applications

U-blox has released the NINA-B4 Bluetooth low energy module series. Based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52833 chip, the device allows several Bluetooth features including Bluetooth

Subs & Systems | 01-11-2019

Bluetooth portfolio strengthened to encompass the widest possible variety of use cases

u-blox continues its commitment to Bluetooth low energy innovation by expanding the BMD product series, recently acquired from Rigado. The company has introduced the BMD-341, the B

Semiconductors | 17-10-2019

High precision positioning modules provide unmatched performance benefits to eVTOL drones

u-blox has gained another high-profile endorsement for ZED-F9P, its high precision GNSS module that delivers centimetre-level accuracy within seconds. Quantum-Systems who specialis

Subs & Systems | 19-09-2019