New module series offers versatility, built-in security and software support

26-10-2018 | U-Blox | Subs & Systems

U-blox has released the NINA-W15 multi radio and gateway module series, which can simultaneously sustain both Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connections and dual-mode Bluetooth connectivity. This combines support for both BLE and Bluetooth BR/EDR. Concurrent support for these radio interfaces provide design versatility. The modules will be especially useful in products such as gateways and hubs that require to connect local Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi peripherals to a wider-area network. “The NINA-W15 modules offer the ideal combination of radio interfaces, security features, proven connectivity software, and a small footprint necessary to enable cost-effective industrial and medical applications,” says Stefan Berggren, senior product marketing manager, Product Center Short Range Radio at U-blox. “Several industries are focusing on digitalization, and a common scenario is to connect a huge number of sensors and actuators to a back-end system or to cloud service, for analysis and visualization or even controlling applications,” he adds. Key applications for the modules are targeted at industrial automation, which includes industrial terminal and remote controls, machine control, building automation, and smart building/home equipment such as HVAC and lighting control. Other possible uses include telematics control units, retail POS terminals, and medical equipment such as defibrillators and urology monitors.

By Electropages Admin