Multi-band GNSS timing receiver meets 5G’s stringent accuracy requirements

07-11-2018 | U-Blox | Subs & Systems

U-blox has announced the ZED-F9T high accuracy timing module. This module satisfies even the most stringent timing synchronisation demands in 5G mobile networks on a global scale. “The ZED-F9T’s nanosecond-level timing accuracy meets the most stringent requirements for 5G networks on a global scale. By significantly reducing the time error of the primary source of cellular network synchronisation, the ZED-F9T will help operators maximise the performance of their networks, and so optimise the return on their investment in 5G,” says Samuli Pietila, principal product management, Product Center Positioning at U-blox. “The ZED-F9T also aims to address concerns regarding the integrity and resilience of GNSS-based timing synchronisation solutions for critical infrastructure applications,” Pietila adds. “The ZED-F9T will give network operators the capabilities to achieve unmatched immunity against spoofing and jamming attacks by combining concurrent reception of four GNSS satellite constellations with multi-band signal reception,” he adds, referring to the module’s ability to concurrently receive multi-band signals from America’s GPS, Europe’s Galileo, Russia’s GLONASS, and China’s Beidou satellites. Also, the module’s support for all four GNSS constellations allows developers to create single products to serve global markets, simplifying OEMs’ product lines. The module has a single RF input for all the GNSS bands, simplifying antenna selection. An on-board diplexer, followed by dual SAW filters, gives excellent signal selectivity and out-of-band attenuation. Provided in a 54-pin land grid array package of just 17mm x 22mm x 2.4mm, it is intended for easy integration.

By Electropages Admin