Expanded series helps developers with Bluetooth 5 and open CPU Wi-Fi modules

U-blox has enhanced its series of NINA stand-alone short range radio modules. NINA B1 Bluetooth low energy modules are now Bluetooth 5 qualified and for the first time, the ultra-c

Products | 13-09-2017

LTE connected luminaires bring smart control to new and existing street lighting systems

U-blox’s SARA-N2 series of NB-IoT (LTE Cat NB1) modules is enabling what is claimed to be the world’s first Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) connected smart street lighting control system f

Products | 04-09-2017

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth IoT gateway certified for use in hazardous environments

U-blox has announced that its ODIN-W2 stand-alone IoT gateway module has achieved ATEX certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (zone 0). Already designed to with

Products | 16-08-2017

IoT evolution product wins award for exceptional innovation

U-blox’s LARA-R3121 module has received a 2017 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution magazine and IoT Evolution World, the magazine and web site covering IoT t

Products | 28-07-2017

Partnerships in IoT lab and field trials for key players in that ecosystem

U-blox has announced that it is partnering with key players of the IoT ecosystem, Huawei, Vivo, CAS Tecnologia and PinMyPet running lab and field tests inside new Narrowband IoT (N

Products | 18-07-2017

Cellular module embedded in revolutionary personal mobility wheelchair

WHILL KK has launched a new revolutionary wheelchair for personal mobility featuring cloud connectivity based on a 3G cellular module from U-blox. The next-generation WHILL Mod


New series of secure LTE advanced automotive telematics modules with powerful embedded CPU

U-blox has announced the TOBY-L4 series of Automotive Grade telematics modules. The series integrates LTE, UMTS and GSM connectivity with a powerful embedded processor, enabling a

Products | 13-06-2017

Next-generation ADAS modules offer smaller, cost-effective, production-ready solution

The U-blox VERA-P1 series is the latest in its range of V2X modules designed to accelerate the development of safer and more automated vehicles. The goal of developing safe and rel

Products | 05-06-2017

New drone navigation kit offers high precision RTK GNSS module

U-blox’s NEO-M8P high precision RTK GNSS module is featured in HEX Taiwan’s new drone navigation kit: Here+. HEX is claimed to be the world's leading open source hardware manufactu

Products | 31-05-2017

V2X leaders collaborate to deliver faster time-to-market with greater safety and security

U-blox has announced a strategic collaboration, in order to address the rapidly growing demand for reliable vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technology.


Ultra small RPMA module offers significant size and cost savings

U-blox has announced SARA-S200, one of the smallest modules for the Machine Network, based on RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access), a LPWA technology. The Machine Network is a w

Products | 16-05-2017

Collaboration unveils world’s first tablet using centimeter-level RTK-GNSS technology

Panasonic Corporation has announced the launch of what is claimed to be the world’s first tablet using centimeter-level RTK-GNSS technology, in collaboration with U-blox. Toughpad,

Products | 10-05-2017

Small quad-band LTE Cat M1 module is ideal for multi-regional IoT and M2M applications

U-blox has announced what is claimed to be the world’s smallest quad-band LTE Cat M1 module, the SARA-R410M. By enabling remote devices to connect directly to 4G networks, the modu

Products | 03-05-2017

Small LTE Cat M1 modules support a broad range of industrial IoT applications

U-blox has announced certification of its SARA-R404M module for Verizon's nationwide Category M1 (Cat M1) LTE network, which will support a broad range of industrial IoT applicatio

Products | 25-04-2017