Real-time memory management improves efficiency and response time

07-04-2022 | Segger | Design & Manufacture

SEGGER's Embedded Studio for Arm Version 6 provides real-time memory management, which improves efficiency and response time for allocating and freeing up memory, allowing hard real-time to applications written in C++.

This brings the solution to the same level as the Embedded Studio Version 6 for RISC-V.

"We believe this underscores Embedded Studio's position as the most sophisticated toolchain in the embedded space," says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER. "It is the first toolchain I know of that guarantees fast, constant-time heap operations."

It supports development for any Arm-based microcontroller, incorporating Cortex-M, Cortex-A/R, and legacy cores Arm7, Arm9 and Arm11.

It comes with a C++17 Compiler and C++17 Standard Library, incorporating the efficiency and compact code of the company's emRun runtime and emFloat floating-point libraries, plus the SEGGER Linker, optimised for C++ applications.

For an inspired, exciting and informative look at real-time dynamic storage allocation, see the company's blog article "C++ real-time allocation – a chess engine".

By Natasha Shek