Development environment available to Linux developers

10-08-2021 | Segger | Design & Manufacture

Linux Studio is a development environment created particularly for native host development, making the features of SEGGER's top-rated Embedded Studio IDE available to all Linux application developers. With its smooth Visual Studio-style user interface, powerful project management and integrated source-level debugger, it greatly simplifies development on Linux.

Its project manager provides clear organisation of all project resources. Multi-project solutions can retain all parts of an application together, such as an executable file, extra libraries and resources.

The software guides successful projects from the first file to the final delivery. Its source code editor gives support for efficient development through code completion, suggestions and templates. With the flexibility of its build configurations, a project may be built not only in a debug and a release configuration but also in configurations for several variants of an application, completed with just a few clicks.

Linux Studio combines an integrated debugger for debugging an application at the source-code level. Projects can be debugged in the same environment in which they are produced. Further dedicated debugging windows give all required information and insight into the system. In a debug session, Linux Studio enables full control over the target application.

"What Embedded Studio is to firmware development, Linux Studio offers to host application development: By providing a single common interface and environment for all projects, Embedded Studio and Linux Studio increase productivity, especially since all tools and resources are available for even the largest projects within a single application," explains SEGGER's CEO Ivo Geilenbruegge.

Licenses for Linux Studio are perpetual; no annual subscription is needed. The commercial-use license comprises 12 months of updates and technical support, which may be extended any time.

By Natasha Shek