Universal flash programming tool offers extra-large memory

19-05-2021 | Segger | Subs & Systems

SEGGER's Flasher PRO XL is a full-featured, in-circuit, universal flash programming tool offering extra-large memory capacity.

With 2GB of storage, the device is created to program large images and/or hold multiple images for usage during the production programming process. These may be systems running on Android, Linux, Windows CE, or other large operating systems, and also as deeply embedded systems that need large amounts of data to be programmed. Where required, memory can be increased further using an industrial-grade microSD card to cover even the biggest of systems.

“Consumers have come to expect appliances, industrial equipment, vehicle dashboards, etc., to have sophisticated graphical user interfaces,” says Ivo Geilenbrügge, managing director of SEGGER. “The Flasher PRO XL can program and verify these massive images at blistering speed, keeping assembly lines running at peak efficiency. This production programmer removes image-size limitations once and for all.”

The new device is a Flasher PRO with extra-large and extendable memory. As with all its family members, it is extremely fast, robust, reliable, and can be employed in stand-alone or PC-based mode. In terms of speed, the device comes close to the theoretical minimum programming time for the target hardware. This is particularly important for the enormous images it is designed to program.

By Natasha Shek