Collaboration with high-performance MCUs and embedded solutions company

16-03-2022 | Segger | Semiconductors

SEGGER is partnering with HPMicro Semiconductor Inc. The partnership focuses on making SEGGER's multi-platform IDE Embedded Studio available, free of charge, to all HPMicro's clients using HPM6000 series RISC-V microcontrollers, boosting the RISC-V ecosystem.

Embedded Studio comprises all the tools and features expected for streamlined, professional embedded development in C and C++. It is supplied with a powerful project manager and build system, a source code editor with code completion and folding, and a package system to install board and device support. It also includes SEGGER's highly optimised emRun runtime and emFloat floating point libraries, as well as its smart linker, all of which have been created from the ground up precisely for resource-constrained embedded systems. Fully integrated with J-Link, it provides excellent performance and stability.

"I am extremely happy to see that our customers can develop their solutions with HPMicro MCUs using SEGGER's professional IDE at no cost. Our goal is to provide the best possible development solution for our RISC-V devices. Following an in-depth analysis of the market, we found that SEGGER's Embedded Studio delivers the best results in terms of firmware size, performance and user experience," says Jintao Zeng, CEO at HPMicro. "The collaboration with SEGGER will definitely help HPMicro grow our customer base. "

"Embedded Studio has been gaining a lot of popularity recently and now complements the HPMicro product families, helping software engineers unleash their full potential and shortening the time to market," says Ivo Geilenbruegge, managing director of SEGGER. "Furthermore, collaboration between SEGGER and HPMicro will go a long way in advancing the RISC-V ecosystem in the embedded industry."

By Natasha Shek