Ultra-flat and cost-efficient wire-to-board solutions are reliable solution

Provertha is expanding its range of WireClips, which allow reliable wire-to-board connections, with new ultra-low-profile WireClips. They greatly reduce space needs with an ultra-f

Industrial | 25-03-2024

Expanded D-Sub full-metal range of hoods with 45° cable outlet

Flexlock is Provertha's patented locking system for the reliable nickel-plated D-Sub full metal hood series 217 with a straight cable outlet, which has now been complemented by its

Industrial | 20-11-2023

Space-saving and process-reliable wire-to-board solutions

Provertha expands its versatile WireClip portfolio with its process-reliable wire-to-board solutions to incorporate low-profile variants. Thanks to the new Low Profile WireClips, w

Automotive & Transport | 05-01-2023

New M12 angle adapters for X/D conversion save space in tight spaces

Provertha has extended its robust IP 67 adapter solutions with compact, angled versions, which can implement angled M12 plug-in connections from X to D coding and vice versa with n

Industrial | 12-12-2022

Compact connector solution for high-speed data transmission

With its 'EasyLine' series, Provertha has created an X-coded M12 connector solution that can be built and is one of the most compact available. The small number of individual parts

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 03-11-2022

Modular M12/M8/D-sub modular distribution system expanded

Provertha expands its modular system in full-metal design for sophisticated distribution solutions with a new adapter. The recently patented adapter realises the gap-free, form-fit

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 04-08-2022

Expanded D-sub portfolio offers customer-specific solutions

Provertha provides notable success with its comprehensive D-Sub connector range by providing customised products and special solutions for customers who need adapted solutions for

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 05-07-2022

M12 adapter simplifies retrofitting in transportation and railway technology

Provertha has designed a robust and extremely compact M12 adapter solution that enables an M12 plug-in connection with X to D and D to X coding to be created with no additional eff

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 16-05-2022

New tamper-proof patented press-fit connector system in M12 design

Provertha has released a new tamper-proof connector in the M12 style for applications in industrial automation, particularly for encoder housings exposed to high vibrations. Due to

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 24-03-2022

More space on PCBs with new SMT D-sub connectors

Provertha offers a comprehensive D-Sub connector range for an expansive assortment of applications and now also has nine-pin SMT Eurostyle 'Small Space' versions in a new design wi

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 13-01-2022

D-sub full-metal hoods offer different locking systems for multiple applications

Flexlock from Provertha is a new patented locking system for D-Sub full-metal hoods. Users can now freely decide between several different locking systems for a D-Sub hood series a

Subs & Systems | 19-11-2021

M8/M12 distribution solutions for simplified and cost-saving cabling solutions

Provertha has produced a compact, fully shielded distribution system for M8/M12 cabling. Multiple cables can be combined utilising circular connectors so that signal and power tran

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 04-11-2021

New M12 bulkhead cable connectors with cable gland

The new Provertha M12-Mini bulkhead cable connectors with crimp connection technology are one of the most compact M12 solutions in the industry and, with just 24.5mm length behind

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 29-07-2021

D-subminiature connectors now part of a comprehensive range

Provertha now provides a full of D-subminiature connectors previously made by ERNI. The company has obtained all the ERNI D-sub connector production equipment and tooling. It is no

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 29-06-2021