Space-saving and process-reliable wire-to-board solutions

05-01-2023 | Provertha | Automotive & Transport

Provertha expands its versatile WireClip portfolio with its process-reliable wire-to-board solutions to incorporate low-profile variants. Thanks to the new Low Profile WireClips, wire-to-board solutions with their ultra-flat installation height of 2.5mm can be realised. The space-saving and highly economical clips are furnished with ready-to-connect cable assemblies that provide process- and function-safe contacting of individual strands and wires on the PCB. Wherever absolute reliability of the cable connection and a space-saving solution is needed, such as in industrial automation and the automotive industry, the assemblies have demonstrated their value.

The technology now provides a cost-efficient and space-saving wire-to-board solution with ready-to-connect cable assemblies with minimal installation height. The patented clips comprise a specially designed plastic part with integrated snap-in board lock. The individual strands, which have been twisted and tin-plated in a special manufacturing process beforehand, are inserted into this component, angled and cut to size in a device.

The solution is available as 90-degree variants and in straight versions, and special designs, such as, overmoulded variants. The new Low Profile WireClips have now been added, further reducing the space requirement compared to the standard single-row version. Compared to alternative solutions, the space-saving is significantly greater. The current portfolio includes three-pin and four-pin versions for AWG22 (0.35 mm²) stranded wires. In line with the strapline 'Fitting Your Application', the company can also supply customised assemblies with different numbers of pins and other wire cross-sections with a customer-oriented time-to-market in its toolmaking department.

By Seb Springall