M12 adapter simplifies retrofitting in transportation and railway technology

16-05-2022 | Provertha | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Provertha has designed a robust and extremely compact M12 adapter solution that enables an M12 plug-in connection with X to D and D to X coding to be created with no additional effort. The adapters with an effective shielding accomplished by full metal housing provide an X- or D-coded pin interface with a rotating screw lock and a D- or X-coded socket interface with a fixed locking thread. The adapters are simply inserted between the switch and the cable utilising the usual torque tools. The new M12 adapter significantly contributes to conserving cabling costs and installation time. They are created in protection class IP 67 and are ideal for reliable data transmission of up to 100Mbit in the temperature range from -25C to 85C.

The X to D coded adapter is extremely advantageous for retrofitting in railway technology, as existing D-coded cabling can continue to be employed, even if the switches need to be replaced by gigabit port switches during overhauls. On the other hand, the X to D coded adapter enables 100 Mbit devices to be connected with Gigabit-cabling systems.

Ethernet-capable devices, which require no Gbit Ethernet, normally are furnished with M12 D-code connecters. But newly installed Ethernet cablings are already based on X-code technique (four pairs). The adapter with D to X coding combines both to work together via plug and play with no further installation expenses.

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