Ultra-flat and cost-efficient wire-to-board solutions are reliable solution

25-03-2024 | Provertha | Industrial

Provertha is expanding its range of WireClips, which allow reliable wire-to-board connections, with new ultra-low-profile WireClips. They greatly reduce space needs with an ultra-flat installation height of 2.3mm. Thanks to their special geometry, the new WireClips are a wire-to-board solution suitable for installation in sensor tubes with an internal diameter of just 9mm.

A sensor tube protects sensors from external factors such as moisture, dust, dirt and mechanical damage, and mount sensors in the desired place. For example, sensor tubes find applications in the automotive sector, environmental monitoring, medical technology, industry, and many other areas for data acquisition. The shape and size of the sensor tube can vary depending on the application and its requirements. During miniaturisation, sensor tubes with ever smaller diameters are being used. WireClip technology enables economical and space-saving wire-to-board connections with minimum installation height.

Space-saving and highly economical WireClip solutions are equipped with ready-to-connect cable assemblies. These assemblies ensure the functionally reliable connection of individual stranded and solid wires to the PCB using wave soldering, guaranteeing high process reliability. Wherever absolute cable connection reliability and a space-saving solution are required, Provertha WireClip assemblies have proven their worth.

The patented WireClip consists of a high-temperature-resistant plastic part with an integrated 'snap-in' clip that fixes securely onto the PCB before the soldering process and absorbs tensile forces on the wires. Provertha has its own special production facilities where WireClip cable assemblies are assembled using single wires or multi-core cables.

The technology has proven itself millions of times in the automotive industry and industrial automation. There is hardly a vehicle manufacturer that does not already use WireClips in their vehicles – in critical systems relating to vehicle safety and in the steering wheel area. Sensor manufacturers, who often have to deal with limited installation space for PCB assemblies, also benefit from the advantages.

WireClips are available in 90° angled versions with one-row and two-row variants and straight versions. Special designs, such as overmoulded variants or hybrid power and signal transmission versions, are available. The current portfolio of low-profile WireClips includes a four-pin and a six-pin version. The company can also produce customised versions in its own toolmaking department with a customer-oriented time-to-market.


By Seb Springall