Expanded D-Sub full-metal range of hoods with 45° cable outlet

20-11-2023 | Provertha | Industrial

Flexlock is Provertha's patented locking system for the reliable nickel-plated D-Sub full metal hood series 217 with a straight cable outlet, which has now been complemented by its new Flexlock series 247 with an angled cable outlet. For the first time, users can freely select between various locking systems for a D-Sub hood series in line with application needs.

The patented dual locking system offers the conventional screw locking mechanism with knurled screw, combination slot and Allen key, and the innovative Quick Lock push-pull locking system. Also, there are other locking options: the sliding lock and a locking system with an insertable nut for cable-to-cable connections. This range of hoods with a high-quality nickel-plated surface provides an appealing visual appearance for applications where good looks are important.

The reliable series with a straight cable outlet (180°) is now complemented by the new Flexlock 247 series with an angled cable outlet (45°). The company, therefore, provides users with a D-Sub hood system for every application thanks to the two cable outlet options and the highly flexible locking mechanism at device interfaces and for 'loose' cables or cable connections. The zinc die-cast enclosure is created for harsh necessities in industrial automation and control cabinet construction at temperatures between -55C and +90C.

Full-metal hoods from the company excel due to their high mechanical strength, particularly when used in harsh environments. The spring-steel retaining spring ensures its function even under high loads. The full-metal hoods are extremely easy to assemble thanks to the easy-to-grip design, pre-cut threads, and pre-assembled locking accessories. The new hoods are obtainable as an individual packaged kit for on-site assembly. However, they can also be provided in larger quantities in bulk packaging for cable assemblies.


By Seb Springall

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