Modular M12/M8/D-sub modular distribution system expanded

04-08-2022 | Provertha | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Provertha expands its modular system in full-metal design for sophisticated distribution solutions with a new adapter. The recently patented adapter realises the gap-free, form-fit connection and linking of modular T-/Y-distributors and distribution boxes and D-Sub distribution boxes in a nine-pin or 15-pin design. It is developed so stranded wires or cables can be looped through to the next box without any problems.

By interlinking the compact M12 T-/Y-distributors or multiple distribution boxes with the new adapter, high-quality, fully shielded distribution solutions for harsh applications with any number of inputs and outputs are now achievable. The adapter design assures that the 360-degree shielding is preserved for the complete distribution solution.

Its modular system facilitates customised distribution solutions for customers' applications. Due to the expansion options and interlinking of the different distribution boxes employing the new patented adapter, as well as the flexibility thanks to different connection options, it is possible to realise distribution systems individually tailored to particular requirements. With pluggable M12 adapters in male and female versions for the codings A, B, D and A-8, M8 adapters in male and female versions for the codings A-3, A-4 and D, as well as 9- and 15-pin D-Sub male and female versions with different locking options, including the D-Sub push-pull quick-locking system Quick Lock, a broad variety of applications can be implemented easily, quickly and safely through plug-and-play.

The special shielding design with overlapping contours between the enclosure and the cover on all distribution boxes and the respective all-metal enclosure in zinc diecast ensures protection against damage. For the fire protection needs of railway technology and factory automation, the plastic components and the potting compound are designed in EN 45545 and UL 94-V0.

The distribution solutions are constructed according to the customer's specification and supplied as a 100% tested complete solution. Thanks to the pluggable connections directly at the distribution box or at the end of the cable, assembly errors are eradicated. In combination with the special technical features, functionally reliable plug-and-play distribution solutions are guaranteed.

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