IoT asset management with angle of arrival location technology

22-01-2021 | ON Semiconductor | Test & Measurement

ON Semiconductor announces the availability of the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System for the RSL10, the industry’s lowest power Flash-based Bluetooth Low Energy radio SoC. Offered in a user-friendly CMSIS-Pack format, the solution enables manufacturers to produce ultra-low-power indoor asset tracking applications with Direction Finding features and advanced AoA technology.

The system is a powerful technology platform for location-based services and applications. Its unique Direction Finding methodology and positioning algorithms facilitate real-time tracking of tags and devices, with centimetre-level accuracy even in challenging environments. Quuppa technology provides positioning updates to be sent up to 50 times per second, producing a reliable and versatile RTLS solution for all industries.

For turnkey solutions, the company has collaborated with Tatwah sa to produce a portfolio of Bluetooth tags and beacons incorporating the recently-added Quuppa Trackable Tags.

“Monitoring and tracking of assets enables new capabilities and huge improvements in operational efficiencies across a wide variety of applications,” said Wiren Perera, who heads IoT at ON Semiconductor. “Ultra-low-power wireless sensing and accurate location identification are essential to delivering on this promise. Implementing the Quuppa trackable technology on our industry-leading Bluetooth Low Energy wireless platform addresses this need, and our portfolio of solutions should unleash the full market potential.”

“We are thrilled to work alongside ON Semiconductor in creating a solution for monitoring and tracking assets across vertical markets. Over the years, we witnessed increasing demand for RTLS technologies where companies are seeking to gain visibility within their production lines and workflows,” said Fabio Belloni, chief customer officer, Quuppa. “The need for a variety of different types of sensors and tags to empower those use cases is endless”.

The RSL10 Quuppa AoA RTLS Tag CMSIS Pack featuring the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System is compatible with all RSL10-based development hardware and is available for free download.

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