Expanded portfolio for industrial motor drive applications

30-04-2020 | ON Semiconductor | Automotive Technologies

ON Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio for industrial motor drive applications, to further help customers solve their specific design challenges.

Motor drive systems are increasing along with industrial automation and robotics. These systems need energy efficiency, accurate control, precise measurement, and high reliability within harsh industrial environments. Effective semiconductor development for industrial motor drive demands advanced design, the capability to integrate active and passive components, sophisticated packaging including substrate material, and high quality and reliability standards.

The company has released the NXH25C120L2C2, NXH35C120L2C2/2C2E, and NXH50C120L2C2E, which are 25A, 35A, and 50A versions of TM-PIM for 1200V applications. They are available in CIB and CI configurations. The modules consist of six 1200V IGBTs, six 1600V rectifiers, and an NTC thermistor for system-level temperature monitoring; the CIB versions use a further 1200V IGBT coupled with a diode. The new modules provide transfer-moulded encapsulation, extending the cycling lifetime for both temperature and power. The modules measure just 73mm x 40mm x 8mm, have solderable pins, and have a standardised pin-out for CIB and CI versions.

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