OKW Enclosures

New holders for handheld enclosures are ideal for medical and social care applications

OKW offers new S and M-sized holders now added to its STYLE-CASE range of ergonomic handheld enclosures. Holders are now provided for three case sizes (S, M and L). The enclosure i

Subs & Systems | 19-06-2020

Wall mount enclosures for control units and network nodes

OKW has designed a new version of its NET-BOX wall mount enclosures for control units and network nodes. The mounting points on the rear of the enclosure are now supplied pre-drill

Subs & Systems | 21-04-2020

New versatile wall holder for wired enclosures

OKW has added a new wall holder to its CONNECT range of wired enclosures allowing devices to be stored securely and safely when not in use. The new holder is ideal when CONNECT is

Subs & Systems | 12-03-2020

New case for wire connected electronics

OKW has increased its range of STYLE-CASE handheld enclosures with a new version L with no battery compartment – giving even more space within for the electronics. The new version

Subs & Systems | 14-02-2020

New mini-size table-top plastic enclosures for challenging working environments

OKW Enclosure’s EVOTEC designer table-top electronic enclosures are now offered in a smaller 80 size – extending the series to five plan sizes. The soft-contoured enclosure is eleg

Subs & Systems | 09-01-2020

New flanged enclosures for sensor electronics

OKW offers the EASYTEC, a new series of flanged plastic enclosures for modern sensor electronics. The enclosure can be mounted swiftly and easily on poles, pipes or flat surfaces.

Subs & Systems | 12-12-2019

New laser marking service for electronic enclosures

OKW now offers new laser marking technology to its broad array of customisation services. Laser marking of legends and logos is waterproof, smudge-proof and durable. It is perfect

Subs & Systems | 07-11-2019

New 19” rack mount enclosures feature a smooth top

METCASE has launched a new variant of its COMBIMET 19” rack cases. The rack features a wraparound top that provides superior aesthetics and more straightforward access to component

Subs & Systems | 08-10-2019

New 19” mini-rack enclosures for desktop and portable instrumentation

OKW Enclosures METCASE now provides a broader range of standard and customised 19” aluminium enclosures for desktop and portable instrumentation. Its new TECHNOMET 19” mini-rack en

Subs & Systems | 30-08-2019

Aluminium enclosures available in custom lengths and heights

OKW’s SMART-TERMINAL and SYNERGY aluminium enclosures are now offered in custom sizes. Electronics engineers can select these designer housings modified to the exact length/height

Subs & Systems | 24-07-2019

Wired medical electronic enclosures offered in three sizes

OKW’s CONNECT wired enclosures for medical electronics are offered now in three sizes. The series is ideal for a variety of hospital applications incorporating remote control for b

Subs & Systems | 14-06-2019

New DIN rail adapters for plastic enclosures

They are ideal for a large range of electronics applications including automation; Industry 4.0/smart factory; automatic timers, sensors, relays and lighting control; HVAC; buildin

Subs & Systems | 15-05-2019

Advanced new sloping front plastic enclosures

OKW has released an all new square enclosure for desktop, indoor or outdoor wall-mounted electronics. Advanced new PROTEC is intended for applications including access and secu

Products | 28-01-2019

New wall mounting kit for enclosures

OKW has released a new suspension element for its EVOTEC designer table-top enclosures, allowing them to be wall mounted. The new wall kit makes tough and ergonomic enclosures

Products | 10-12-2018