Multiple mounting options for modular enclosures

03-08-2022 | OKW Enclosures | Subs & Systems

Multiple mounting options are now provided for OKW’s ART-CASE modular plastic enclosures ideal for modern desktop, mobile, wall and ceiling electronics.

The elegant, ergonomic enclosures are ideal for IoT/IIoT, medical devices, security technology, computer peripherals, building services management systems, sensors and optoelectronics.

These modern ABS enclosures are offered in four uniquely contoured shapes: round, square, oval and rectangular. Their modular design produces a large variety of possible configurations. Electronics designers can select their preferred top and bottom, base section and screw-fitted lid.

The enclosure offers a selection of tops: convex for added ergonomic comfort or flat with a recess for a membrane keypad or product label. There are three bases: flat, 30-degree and 55-degree inclined. Eight round and two square housings are provided with an integrated Euro plug (type DIN VDE 0620 part 101) in the base. Inside each enclosure there are PCB mounting pillars.

Each shape is offered in one plan size: round (ø 110mm), square (110mm x 110 m), oval (160mm x 110mm) and rectangular (160mm x 110mm). There are two standard colours: off-white (RAL 9002) and black (RAL 9005).

Options and accessories include battery compartments (2 x AAA); a battery holder (2 x AAA); battery contacts; battery clips; wall mounting kits; a strain relief cable clamp; anti-slide feet; self-tapping PCB screws. The company can supply the enclosures fully customised.

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