Award-winning control-knobs for menu-driven electronics

12-05-2022 | OKW Enclosures | Subs & Systems

OKW’s rotary/click Control-Knobs have won an iF Design Award 2022. Hailed as “perfect all-round”, they now provide a new, improved design with optional greater illumination.

Ergonomic knobs are excellent as the central element for menu-driven electronics – generally for devices fabricated in high volumes. Applications include measuring and control; HVAC; communications; medical, wellness and laboratory technology; Smart Factory and building control systems.

These soft-touch tuning knobs fit rotary potentiometers or encoders with round shaft ends (DIN 41591). Illumination is with SMD LED technology (5V), and RGB LEDs enable individual lighting and colours, illuminating a translucent optic ring on the top. The company has increased the number of LEDs on the larger knobs from eight to 12, and the smaller knobs have eight LEDs.

The knobs can be selected with or without a pointer line on the side. They fit securely on potentiometer spindles, utilising the collet fixture system. The maximum torque for installation is 1.5 Nm (function 1.2 Nm).

Each knob is constructed in two parts – a hard inner body made of robust polycarbonate and a soft-touch TPE outer shell with a smart and practical grooved appearance. They are offered in two sizes: ø 36mm and ø 46mm (boreholes 6mm, 1/4”). The standard colours are nero black and volcano grey.

Accessories offered are LED illumination kits, bases, covers, round nuts and a spanner. The knobs can be provided fully customised.

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