OKW Enclosures

New wall mounting kit for enclosures

OKW has released a new suspension element for its EVOTEC designer table-top enclosures, allowing them to be wall mounted. The new wall kit makes tough and ergonomic enclosures

Products | 10-12-2018

New case canting kit to optimise extruded enclosures for desktop use

OKW's Smart-Terminal is designed for peripheral and interface equipment, communications, safety engineering, biometrics, medical and laboratory technology, healthcare, measurement

Products | 09-08-2018

Table-top electronic enclosures now extended to four sizes

OKW’s EVOTEC designer table-top electronic enclosures are now offered in new smaller 100 sizes which increases the range to four plan sizes. The enclosure is ergonomic, elegant

Products | 13-06-2018

New side bags for portable instrument enclosures

OKW has added optional side bags to its CARRYTEC portable instrument enclosures – enabling sensors, probes and scanners to be readily available on the move. The enclosures are

Products | 14-05-2018

New smaller designer instrument enclosures available now

OKW’s EVOTEC designer desktop plastic enclosures are now offered in a new smaller 150 size – expanding the range to three plan sizes. The range is designed for robust working e

Products | 06-04-2018

New range of extruded aluminium and plastic enclosures for control electronics

From OKW Enclosures is the SMART-TERMINAL, only the second OKW range to combine aluminium extrusions with plastic. It has been designed for applications including communications, s

Products | 09-03-2018

OKW — New size and stations for fully wearable enclosures

OKW has added a new size M and two stations to its BODY-CASE range of fully wearable enclosures. Smart and comfortable the series is designed for a wide range of wearable elect

Products | 08-01-2018

New enclosure offers extra deep case for wide range of applications

Available now from OKW, METCASE has a new extra-deep 24” version of its COMBIMET 19” enclosures which are ideal for server rack type applications. Applications for the range in

Products | 18-12-2017

Smart modern knobs offer a wide range of permutations

OKW’s modern designer COM-KNOBS are now available in more colour permutations than ever. This collet knob range fits rotary potentiometers with shaft ends corresponding to DIN

Products | 10-10-2017

Advanced new instrument enclosures now features carry handles

METCASE’s advanced new TECHNOMET instrument enclosures can now be ordered from OKW with handles for portable electronics applications. The tilt/swivel carry handle bar is comfo

Products | 28-09-2017

Versatile 19” rack mount cases available in 5U as standard

OKW Enclosures offer METCASE’s COMBIMET 19” rack mount enclosures. They are available in all sizes from 1U to 6U — now including 5U as standard. Previously 5U was available only as

Products | 29-08-2017

Award-winning enclosures can now be wall mounted using concealed suspension element

The new enclosure from OKW is a suspension element compatible with the circular R120 (ø120mm) and 140 (ø140mm) variants of SYNERGY series. Its hidden fixings are even more discrete

Products | 23-06-2017

New RAIL enclosures accommodate connections at different levels and adds extra space

OKW has unveiled new flat/high RAILTEC B DIN rail enclosures that accommodate connections at different levels and offer extra space. The product is a universal DIN rail enclosu

Products | 05-05-2017

New ultra-modern enclosures combine technical finesse with maximum flexibility

Available from OKW Enclosures Ltd, ROLEC’s highly attractive and versatile IP65 enclosures are designed for fitting to suspension arms and can be specified for a huge range of app

Products | 07-04-2017