OKW Enclosures

Pioneering first standard plastic enclosure for electronic and electrical installations

OKW celebrates 50 years of its Flat-Pack Case range, perfect for an expansive range of desktop and wall-mount electronics. Applications comprise medical and wellness, measurement a

Industrial | 13-01-2023

New sensor enclosures for miniaturised go-anywhere electronic devices

OKW has expanded its broad range of sensor enclosures with the tough new MINI-DATA-BOX. Its different versions, sizes, colours, and optional flanges provide 32 possible permutation

Test & Measurement | 14-11-2022

More accessories released for bestselling handheld enclosures

OKW’s bestselling handheld enclosure SMART-CASE now provides more accessories than any of its other 18 ultra-portable housings. This versatile enclosure (IP 65 optional) is perfect

Industrial | 14-10-2022

Multiple battery options for handheld enclosures

OKW Enclosure’s DATEC-CONTROL handheld enclosures for large graphics displays are now offered with a wide range of battery options. The enclosure is ideal for applications incorpor

Subs & Systems | 07-09-2022

Multiple mounting options for modular enclosures

Multiple mounting options are now provided for OKW’s ART-CASE modular plastic enclosures ideal for modern desktop, mobile, wall and ceiling electronics. The elegant, ergonomic encl

Subs & Systems | 03-08-2022

Award-winning control-knobs for menu-driven electronics

OKW’s rotary/click Control-Knobs have won an iF Design Award 2022. Hailed as “perfect all-round”, they now provide a new, improved design with optional greater illumination. Ergono

Subs & Systems | 12-05-2022

New canting kit for extruded aluminium enclosures

OKW Enclosures has updated the canting kit for its elegant SMART-TERMINAL extruded aluminium enclosures, enhancing their stability even further when used as a desktop housing. This

Subs & Systems | 14-03-2022

Extended range of enclosures and tuning knobs for medical devices

OKW has expanded its already comprehensive range of products for medical electronics. It now offers 42 different enclosure models and six ranges of tuning knobs. Its new Enclosures

Subs & Systems | 10-02-2022

New smooth-top slim case for mobile electronics

OKW's innovative and elegant new SLIM-CASE for mobile devices is now offered in a smooth-top version for fitting with displays, pushbuttons and LEDs. This ergonomic IP 54/65 case i

Subs & Systems | 10-08-2021

Touchscreen enclosures suitable for a wide range of applications

OKW has had a growing demand for its advanced touchscreen enclosures that include its wall-mounted SMART-PANEL, low-profile handheld SLIM-CASE, square-plan control centre PROTEC an

Subs & Systems | 11-06-2021

Low profile plastic enclosures available in four sizes

OKW’s DIATEC low profile plastic enclosures for wall-mount and desktop electronics are now provided in four sizes. The enclosure is perfect for network and communications equipment

Subs & Systems | 08-12-2020

New large size wearable enclosures

OKW’s smart and ergonomic BODY-CASE is now available in three sizes – M, L and new XL. The company now offers a new size XL to its range of fully wearable plastic electronic enclos

Subs & Systems | 29-09-2020

Polycarbonate transparent-lid enclosures available in 16 sizes

OKW has expanded its range of IN-BOX industrial electronic enclosures. The transparent-lid version is now offered in polycarbonate (PC) for extra strength and flammability resistan

Subs & Systems | 10-08-2020

New holders for handheld enclosures are ideal for medical and social care applications

OKW offers new S and M-sized holders now added to its STYLE-CASE range of ergonomic handheld enclosures. Holders are now provided for three case sizes (S, M and L). The enclosure i

Subs & Systems | 19-06-2020