Innovative line of high-speed cable assembly solutions

Molex has announced the expansion of its industry-leading NearStack High-Speed Cable Solutions to incorporate the NearStack 100Ohm and NearStack 85Ohm solutions. The extended portf

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 17-08-2020

New connectors deliver high performance in vertical configurations

Molex has released the MicroTPA 2.00mm Wire-to-Board and Wire-to-Wire Connector System, giving electrical and mechanical reliability in a high-temperature design that satisfies a w

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 19-09-2019

Connectors new options add extra versatility to power connector system

Molex has launched eight and 20-circuit mid-power versions to their MultiCat Power Connector System with Precision-Machined Contacts. This system offers excellent durability

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 04-07-2019

Micro power distribution modules benefit from a completely sealed box

Molex has released the Micro Power Distribution Box (µPDB) Sealed Module with two versions: standard and customisable. These modules are compact automotive power distribution boxes

Automotive & Transport | 26-06-2019

Thermal cooling configuration provides next-generation solutions

Molex highlights its new BiPass thermal management configuration cooling QSFP-DD modules up to 20W with a 15C change from the ambient temperature. The thermal solution can cool a r

Subs & Systems | 21-05-2019

Connectors offer signal reliability in a compact, lightweight form

Molex offers two FFC/FPC connectors created to serve the growing information market demands of automakers and television display manufacturers, as well as creators needing small-pi

Products | 04-10-2018

Improved connector system meets needs of expanding communications markets

Molex has introduced improvements to its PicoBlade connector that meets the expanding demands of the healthcare, consumer and industrial markets for a secure connection in rugged a

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 24-09-2018

Next-generation technology paves the way for new data centre standards

Molex is supporting the Open19 Foundation initiative, which intends to build a new open standard for data centre servers. Open19 defines a common form factor for servers, top-of-ra

Subs & Systems | 20-08-2018

New sealed connector system offers increased reliability and protects against water and dirt

Molex offers the new Squba 1.8mm-Pitch Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connector System, created to fit in small spaces and afford protection against dust, liquid and dirt. The connectors carr

Products | 27-04-2018

Compact connector system provides high performance and reliability even in harsh conditions

Molex has released the Micro-Lock Plus Wire-to-Board Connector System as an ideal solution for customers seeking compact size, high performance and retention security. The company

Products | 05-02-2018

Eliminate the need for pin inserting and stitching equipment in automotive manufacturing

Molex has introduced their Custom Combo Blade and Pin Setters. These devices eliminate the requirement for pin insertion and stitching equipment, producing a more flexible and robu

Products | 22-01-2018

Reducing harness assembly lead time improves safety for OEM cable assembly

Molex has introduced the MUO 2.5 Termination Connector, created to replace closed-end (CE) terminals. As well as reducing cable assembly time for OEMs, it also improves processing

Products | 24-11-2017

Compact assembly meets industry needs for a wire-to-board connector with vertical mating

Molex has introduced the Pico-EZmate Slim 1.2mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector. It is designed to provide reliable connection in a compact profile that improves both reliability and

Products | 13-11-2017

Compact connector system offers performance enhancements and smaller components solutions

Molex has added three new terminals plus the Mini50 sealed connector to its range. Designated as TAK50 terminal, CTX50 unsealed gold terminal, and CTX50 sealed terminal, these new

Products | 14-09-2017