Micro power distribution modules benefit from a completely sealed box

26-06-2019 | Molex | Automotive Technologies

Molex has released the Micro Power Distribution Box (µPDB) Sealed Module with two versions: standard and customisable. These modules are compact automotive power distribution boxes that offer a junction point for power switching and also circuit protection for vehicles or subsystems within wiring architectures.

These new boxes offer a connected system that removes hand-wiring, a full seal with an IP6K7 NEMA rating, a small footprint and lightweight, standard connector configurations, and a modular customisable design. With these boxes, customers can attach more electronics to vehicles while drastically reducing the length of wire runs in the design.

"These new µPDBs are particularly useful where additional power or circuitry is needed in a vehicle," said Rand Wilburn, global product manager, Molex. "They can also be used when primary PDB space has been exceeded, or to isolate power circuits from other components."

In comparison to other devices on the market, the modules offer significant cost reductions to current solutions, a smaller and lighter package, a modular design enabling easier implementation, a simpler attachment method, and a complete seal.

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