Providing mobile device manufacturers with greater design freedom

01-10-2021 | Molex | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Molex has released the Molex Flex-to-Board RF mmWave Connector 5G25 series to satisfy demanding 5G mmWave applications necessitating stringent signal integrity at higher frequencies up to 25GHz. This latest micro connector allows manufacturers of RF antenna modules and designers of mobile devices to optimise high-speed 5G components while relieving space constraints on very small yet increasingly crowded PCBs.

“Each new generation of RF antenna modules and smartphones brings us closer to realising the full potential of 5G performance,” said Stephen Drinan, director of core products, micro solutions, Molex. “Our new 5G25 connector is the latest example of how Molex is applying decades of experience in RF and antenna design, high-speed connectivity and volume manufacturing to support 5G’s higher frequencies while raising the bar in signal stability, robust performance and fast assembly.”

The series supports high-speed data transmission in a space-saving solution that provides extra protection from harsh environmental conditions. Featuring a signal pitch of 0.35mm, a mated body height of just 0.6mm, and a short body width of 2.5mm and a length of 3.6mm, the compact size of the connector provides elevated printed wiring board design flexibility. Furthermore, it allows designers of RF antenna modules and mobile devices to combine RF and non-RF signals, which lessens the demand for further connectors while providing additional space and cost savings.

The series aids fast, trouble-free assembly with excellent 'click feeling' to stop mismating. Also, the ultra-compact connectors feature robust peel force to increase reliability and minimise the load on assembly operators or automatic assembly machines.

By Natasha Shek