Production of coherent optical transceivers ramped up to meet demands

07-03-2022 | Molex | Subs & Systems

Molex is ramping production of its commercially available 400G ZR QSFP-DD pluggable coherent optical transceivers to support growing demands for advanced DCI solutions. An integral part of its ever-expanding optical transceiver portfolio, the 400G ZR and 400G ZR+ products are intended to provide optimised data transmission rates with low power consumption in a small form factor.

“Molex is meeting the need for faster transmission speeds both between and inside next-gen data centres,” said Joseph Chon, director, Coherent Technology and Product Line Management, Molex Optoelectronics. “By ramping commercialisation and production of the 400G ZR product line, we can enable mega-cloud data centre operators to better address a vast range of high-density, bandwidth-intensive applications.”

Designed in compliance with the OIF 400G ZR standard, the device is among the first standards-based, pluggable coherent optical modules commercially available in volume. Also, the 400G OpenZR+, which is slated for availability in Q2, extends reach from 120km to about 600km at low power consumption to allow 12.8T in 1RU switch or router chassis.

The company also completed experimental verification of 400Gb/s data transmission over DCI ZR distances in a 75GHz spaced DWDM link with amplification in an OLS. Employing compact, cost-effective transceiver modules and 75GHz OLS increases the bandwidth capacity of optical fibres in a DCI application and can significantly reduce the cost per bit.

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By Natasha Shek