Connectors offer signal reliability in a compact, lightweight form

04-10-2018 | Molex | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Molex offers two FFC/FPC connectors created to serve the growing information market demands of automakers and television display manufacturers, as well as creators needing small-pitch, high-reliability connectors. The Easy-On FFC/FPC connectors are provided in 0.5mm pitch and 1mm pitch forms to give a reliable connection while decreasing space, weight and cost in this competitive market. “The Easy-On FFC/FPC connectors deliver a lightweight product form and a secure signal to provide reliability for the modern communications needs in consumer goods, automotive, medical applications and more,” said Yosuke Terui, global product manager, Molex. “The variety of solutions available with this product serves the widest possible range of connectors for tight packaging applications.” Both the 0.5mm and 1.0mm connectors have a double-bottom contact terminal design that eliminates dust and contaminants from the connection better than single-bottom contact terminals. Both also provide a vacuum pick-and-place area on the top of the housing to enable easier board assembly and cost savings, with a cable ear-tab locking terminal to guarantee a secure connection. Both connector sizes have a heat-resistant resin housing and a range of four to 80 circuits, spread across many profile heights, to offer the highest degree of design flexibility. Also, the 0.5mm connector provides single and double contacts to ensure reliability and versatility in circuit size, height and cable styles.

By Electropages Admin