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Fast dimming linear LED controller targets automotive applications

Diodes Incorporated has released the AL5816Q, an automotive-compliant linear LED controller for automotive LED lighting. Providing an operating voltage range of 4.5V to 60V, the de


DC-DC buck converters enable best-in-class EMI performance

Diodes Incorporated has released the AP63200, AP63201, AP63203 and AP63205, 2A synchronous DC-DC buck converters, producing class-leading EMI performance across a range of input a

Products | 23-01-2019

Bidirectional level shifter offers wide voltage range and flexible output options

Diodes Incorporated has released the PI4ULS5V108, an eight-channel, high speed, bidirectional level shifter created for inter-IC communications between devices operating on differe

Products | 19-12-2018

Omnipolar Hall Effect sensors deliver stability over wide operating range

Diodes Incorporated now offers the AH1911 and AH1921 digital Hall Effect sensors, which couple market-leading stable operating and release points (Bop and Brp) with ultra-low power

Products | 30-11-2018

Highly configurable DC-DC converter features integrated H-bridge

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the AP72200, a high-current synchronous buck/boost DC-DC converter with integrated high-side and low-side H-Bridge MOSFETs. The device provides u

Products | 14-08-2018

Synchronous rectifier controller delivers higher efficiency and saves board space

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the ZXGD3113 synchronous rectifier controller. When joined with a MOSFET, the pairing can replace lossy Schottky rectifiers in power supplies bas

Products | 02-03-2018

Microprocessor supervisory circuit monitors system voltage with programmable delay

The PT7M3808 family of microprocessor supervisory circuits introduced from Diodes Incorporated monitors system voltages from 0.4V to 5V. With threshold accuracy from 0.5% and an ad

Products | 15-02-2018

Power switch fully supports USB Type-C power delivery and fast-role swap

The DPS1133 single-channel power switch introduced by Diodes Incorporated is claimed to be the world's first high-voltage power switch designed to meet all the demanding protection

Products | 01-06-2017

Gate drivers simplify the switching of MOSFETs and IGBTs in motors and power supplies

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the DGD2103M, DGD2104M and DGD2304 gate drivers that feature a floating high-side driver to simplify the switching of two N-channel MOSFETs or tw

Products | 18-05-2017

MOSFET gate-driver ICs address demand for driving battery-powered BLDC motors

The DGD0506 and DGD0507 high-frequency gate-driver ICs introduced by Diodes Incorporated are designed for driving two external N-channel MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration. A 5

Products | 04-05-2017

MOSFET controller provides a highly efficient power system well-suited for target applications

Extending the capability to support redundancy power systems with rail voltages up to 400V, the Diodes Incorporated’s ZXGD3112N7 active OR’ing MOSFET controller builds on a success

Products | 19-04-2017

Ultra-low dropout regulator supports wide input voltage range

The AP7380 series of ultra-low dropout regulators introduced by Diodes Incorporated operates from a wide 24V input voltage range and offers various fixed output voltage options to

Products | 30-03-2017

Power switches designed for USB port protection

Featuring an ultra-low on resistance to reduce power losses, the AP22811 and AP22804/AP22814 power switches introduced by Diodes Incorporated are optimized for USB and other hot-sw

Products | 23-03-2017

Power switcher improves efficiency of line-powered chargers

Offering a cutting-edge solution for consumer and industrial applications with its unique integrated high-voltage (HV) start-up circuit, the AP3984 introduced by Diodes Incorporate

Products | 22-02-2017