Synchronous rectifier controller delivers higher efficiency and saves board space

02-03-2018 | Diodes Inc | Power

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the ZXGD3113 synchronous rectifier controller. When joined with a MOSFET, the pairing can replace lossy Schottky rectifiers in power supplies based on a flyback or resonant converter topology. The device controls an external MOSFET, such as the 100V 16mOhm N-channel DMT10H015LPS, configured to run as an ideal diode. Replacing a Schottky rectifier with the ZXGD3113+MOSFET can greatly increase the efficiency of AC/DC power supplies targeting the consumer, industrial and telecommunications markets.

With improved efficiency, this removes the need for a heatsink to save space compared to a lossy Schottky rectifier. Furthermore, the smaller form-factor SOT26 decreases the solution size from the industry-standard SO8 and, by operating up to 250kHz, the PSU designers can use smaller transformers, saving further space and BOM costs.

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