Power switches designed for USB port protection

23-03-2017 | Diodes Inc | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Featuring an ultra-low on resistance to reduce power losses, the AP22811 and AP22804/AP22814 power switches introduced by Diodes Incorporated are optimized for USB and other hot-swap applications. Supporting load currents of 2A, 2.5A and 3A, respectively, this family of devices protects USB ports against over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature conditions and prevents system damage due to reversed currents or voltages. Typical applications include laptop, notebook and tablet PCs, solid-state drives, set-top boxes and similar media devices, as well as various other items of consumer electronic equipment.

A typical RDS(ON) of 50mOhm ensures the switches incur minimal voltage drop and power loss while also providing a fast response to fault conditions. The devices provide a built-in soft start with a 0.6s rise time and an integrated output discharge function controls the complete discharge of the output voltage capacitor. Fault protection is implemented with full auto-recovery and the open-drain fault report flag output (FLG), which requires no external components, and features a 6ms blanking time to prevent false over-current reporting.

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