Bidirectional level shifter offers wide voltage range and flexible output options

19-12-2018 | Diodes Inc | Power

Diodes Incorporated has released the PI4ULS5V108, an eight-channel, high speed, bidirectional level shifter created for inter-IC communications between devices operating on different voltage supply rails. Typical applications cover networking, telecom, PC, servers, and consumer electronics.

The device supports up to 100MHz up-translation and better than 100MHz down-translation at =30pF capacitive load. This enables it to support a extensive range of PC or consumer interfaces including GPIO, MDIO, SDIO, UART, SMBus, PMBus, I2C, and SPI. It offers voltage level shifting without direction pin control, which minimises system effort.

This level shifter works between <0.9V and 5V across eight I/O channels, each of which can be configured with various voltage translation levels for system flexibility. On-resistance is extremely low, yielding minimal signal distortion, while the broader translation voltage range of the device suits consumer interfaces. Enable and I/O pins are ESD protected (8kV HBM and 1kV CDM).

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