Fast dimming linear LED controller targets automotive applications

03-04-2019 | Diodes Inc | Automotive Technologies

Diodes Incorporated has released the AL5816Q, an automotive-compliant linear LED controller for automotive LED lighting. Providing an operating voltage range of 4.5V to 60V, the device gives an output drive current of 15mA to control LED lights through an external BJT, giving a constant current of a few mA up to 1.5A, or higher LED current if a MOSFET is employed. This capability to optimise the external transistor makes the device ideal for many automotive LED lighting applications, such as rear light clusters, instrument panels, interior illumination, and license plate lighting.

The blend of a high-input voltage and high-output drive current, together with a handy high-voltage PWM dimming feature, means automotive manufacturers can achieve a significantly lower BOM for a broad range of applications using the device. The five-pin SOT25 package needs very few external components and does not require a separate switching inductor. It offers a high-voltage PWM input for LED light dimming.

The feedback pin works at just 200mV, allowing the device to control the LED drive current precisely while reducing the drop-out voltage and decreasing the LED system power dissipation, especially when examined against traditional linear LED controllers.

The high-output drive current enables the device to drive a single LED, an LED chain or multiple LED channels, as demanded by manufacturers. The PWM dimming input allows a signal operating at up to 50kHz. The device also highlights some protection features including input undervoltage lock-out and overtemperature shutdown.

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