Power switch fully supports USB Type-C power delivery and fast-role swap

01-06-2017 | Diodes Inc | Power

The DPS1133 single-channel power switch introduced by Diodes Incorporated is claimed to be the world's first high-voltage power switch designed to meet all the demanding protection and fast-role swap requirements of USB Type-C ports. As such, it addresses the full gamut of mobile and desktop computing devices and peripherals, and numerous other applications in the consumer electronics, mobile communications, industrial, and medical markets, such as smartphones, AR/VR goggles, robotics, automotive infotainment, and home electronics.

Specifically, the device protects the VBUS lines to and from USB Type-C connectors, meets the FRS timing criteria defined by the latest Release 3.0 V1.1 of the USB PD Specification, and supports all the allowed USB-C port operational modes: DFP, UFP, and DRP. Designed to operate between 4.5V and 24V, the device can either act to provision or consume power at up to 3.5A through a USB Type-C connector, automatically protecting and recovering from fault conditions like over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, reverse-voltage, and over-temperature, without the intervention of a system controller.

The low on-state resistance of the power switch (typically <=30m2) enables the 3.5A maximum continuous current and helps minimize power dissipation, while the thermally efficient QFN4040-17 package ensures a sufficiently low surface temperature during operation. Usability is enhanced through the ability to use external resistors to adjust many device parameters, such as voltage and current limits, and ramp times. Control pins also allow the input and output ports to be discharged through an internal resistor.

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