New PMBus digital controller for comms infrastructure and high-performance computing

Aimed at FPGA, ASIC, and POL power for communications and computing applications, Powervation has introduced its latest high-performance digital DC-DC controller. Designed for key rails that demand precision output voltage regulation and

Powervation | 23-03-2015

Fan-cooled three-phase input hot-swappable AC/DC power supply

Murata Power Solutions has introduced the D2U5T-H3-7000 3-phase input hot-swappable AC/DC power supply. The highly-efficient, typically up to 95.5% overall efficiency at 50% full load, provides a 54 VDC main output at up to 7,000W from a 4

Murata | 23-03-2015

High-reliability surface-mount barrier rectifiers

Now stocked by Mouser, MCC's RBx Schottky surface-mount barrier rectifiers feature low reverse current and low forward voltage. The high-reliability devices have a flammability rating of UL 94 V-0 and moisture sensitivity level 1.

Mouser Electronics | 20-03-2015

High-efficiency hyper-speed control buck regulators

Mouser now stocks Micrel's MIC49x0 hyper-speed control buck regulators. The devices offer high-efficiency, synchronous regulation with ultra-fast transient response. The regulators are suitable for supplying processor core and I/O volt

Mouser Electronics | 20-03-2015

Ultra-small FemtoFET power MOSFETs suit portable applications

Available now from Mouser, Texas Instruments' FemtoFET Power MOSFETs offer an ultra-small footprint (0402 case size) and ultra-low resistance (typically 70% less than traditional types). The devices feature ultra-low Qg, Qgd specificat

Mouser Electronics | 20-03-2015

NexFET power MOSFET minimises losses in power-conversion applications

Designed to minimize losses in power-conversion applications, the Texas Instruments (TI) CSD19536KCS is a 100V, 2.3mohm, TO-220 NexFET power MOSFET. The RoHS-compliant avalanche-rated device features ultra-low Qg and Qgd, low thermal res

Texas Instruments | 19-03-2015

High input voltage isolated fly-back DC-DC controller for tough environments

Linear Technology has announced a new military MP grade version of the LT3748, a high input voltage isolated fly-back DC-DC controller. The device simplifies the design of an isolated DC-DC converter by not requiring an opto-isolator, third

Linear Technology | 19-03-2015

Integrated power stages optimized for synchronous buck applications

Optimized for synchronous buck applications to offer high current, high efficiency, and high power density performance, Vishay's SiC620 integrated power stage devices are now available from Mouser stock. Packaged in proprietary 5mm x 5

Mouser Electronics | 19-03-2015

Latest advances in power supply technology and products

Mouser has updated its Power Supply Technology site providing developers with the resources they need to learn about the latest advances in power supply technology, and the newest products available from for selecting and building power sup

Mouser Electronics | 19-03-2015

Fuel gauge operates independently of battery series-cell configurations

Digi-Key is now stocking Texas Instruments' (TI) bq34Z100, a fuel gauge solution that works independently of battery series-cell configurations and features Impedance Track technology. The bq34z100 supports a wide-range of Li-Ion and L

Digikey | 18-03-2015

Single-output switch-mode power supply for medical applications

The SL Power Electronics GNT60 family of single-output open-frame AC/DC medical-application power supplies is now available from RS Components. The compact units provides 60W, or 65W with 100 LFM airflow, with up to 80% efficiency. The

RS Components | 18-03-2015

Highest-power wide Vin four-switch buck-boost DC-DC controller reduces EMI

A new wide VIN, four-switch buck-boost controller that achieves high power efficiency with reduced EMI, the LM5175 has been introduced by Texas Instruments (TI). The device manages input voltages from 3.5V to 42V and regulates output vol

Texas Instruments | 18-03-2015

Reduced-footprint multi-channel relay and inductive load driver

Diode Inc.'s reduced-footprint ULN2003V12 and ULN2003F12 multi-channel relay and inductive load drivers are now available from Digi-Key. Both devices support 3.3V to 5V CMOS logic inputs, making them compatible with a wide range of micr

Digikey | 17-03-2015

Versatile encapsulated AC/DC power supply range offers 1W to 25W models

Suitable for diverse low power ITE, industrial, and consumer electronic applications, Mouser now stocks CUI's VSK encapsulated AC/DC power supplies. Compact footprints make the units particularly suitable for designs with limited boar

Mouser Electronics | 17-03-2015