Embedded Solutions

Collaboration with high-performance MCUs and embedded solutions company

SEGGER is partnering with HPMicro Semiconductor Inc. The partnership focuses on making SEGGER's multi-platform IDE Embedded Studio available, free of charge, to all HPMicro's clients using HPM6000 series RISC-V microcontrollers, boosting th

Segger | 16-03-2022

UFS embedded flash memory delivers performance boost to mobile applications

KIOXIA Europe GmbH announces that the sampling of the industry’s first UFS embedded flash memory devices supporting MIPI M-PHY v5.0 has begun. The new line-up uses the company’s BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory and is offered in three capacities:

Kioxia | 02-03-2022

Embedded flash memory for devices needing high density

Kioxia Europe GmbH has released the UFS Ver. 3.1 embedded flash memory devices using its innovative 4-bit per cell quad-level-cell technology. For applications requiring high density, such as cutting-edge smartphones, the QLC technology off

Kioxia | 26-01-2022

Second development tool released for embedded vision applications at the edge

Microchip Technology has released its second development tool providing its Smart Embedded Vision initiative for designers using its PolarFire RISC-V SoC FPGA. The industry’s lowest-power SoC FPGA in its class, the PolarFire device, is clai

Microchip Technology | 26-11-2021

All-in-one embedded vision platform has new tools and functions

At IDS, image processing with AI does not just mean that it runs directly on cameras and users also have huge design options through vision apps. Rather, with the IDS NXT ocean embedded vision platform, customers get all the required, coord

IDS | 11-11-2021

Rugged AI platform enhances inference computing in data-driven embedded systems

The new Jetsys-5320 from Elma Electronic Inc satisfies the growing data processing requirements of very rugged and mobile embedded computing applications by effortlessly handling data-intensive computation tasks. It offers complex GPGPU inf

Elma Electronics | 05-11-2021

Enabling ready-to-use IoT security solutions based on embedded TLS stack

Renesas Electronics Corporation and wolfSSL have announced a multi-year licensing agreement whereby customers of Renesas’ 32-bit MCU offerings can get a free commercial license for the wolfSSL TLS stack with integrated Renesas hardware secu

Renesas | 02-11-2021

Partners launch high-performance and embedded AI platform

MicroSys Electronics has partnered with AI chipmaker Hailo to launch its miriac AIP-LX2160A embedded platform hosting up to five integrated Hailo-8 AI accelerator modules. The new edge server-grade AI solution facilitates high-performance a

MicroSys Electronics | 05-10-2021

Expert designs for embedded processing, connectivity, analog and power

Mouser offers time-saving design solutions providing the complementary and combined product portfolios from Renesas Electronics and Dialog Semiconductor, a Renesas company. By joining forces, Renesas and Dialog are providing new comprehe

Mouser Electronics | 24-09-2021

Fanless embedded PC system for railway applications

Impulse Embedded offers the RC300-CS, a fanless rugged embedded PC system, offering MXM GPU targeting AIoT for railway and rolling stock applications. The device uses an Intel 9th generation desktop Core i7-9700TE processor and can be pr

Impulse Embedded | 23-09-2021

Low-power PUF technology secures embedded devices from edge to cloud

Analog Devices has released the ultra-low-power MAXQ1065 cryptographic controller featuring its proprietary ChipDNA physically unclonable functionality (PUF) technology, which provides the strongest protection for edge-to-cloud IoT nodes, i

Analog Devices | 23-09-2021

Wide input AC/DC power supplies for embedded applications

XP Power has introduced the LCW series of regulated output cased AC/DC power supplies ideal for embedded industrial electronics, technology and equipment needing household approvals. The nine new series (LCW15, LCW25, LCW35, LCW50, LCW75, L

XP | 22-09-2021

Crossover processor for embedded local voice assistant applications

Mouser now stocks the new i.MX RT106S crossover processor from NXP Semiconductors. Offering an advanced implementation of the Arm Cortex-M7 core, the processor provides the high CPU performance and real-time response needed for embedded loc

Mouser Electronics | 01-09-2021

Low-power digital pressure sensor suitable for drones and AR/VR applications

Mouser now stocks the BMP388 digital barometric pressure sensor from Bosch. Highlighting a best-in-class temperature coefficient offset (TCO) between 20C and 65C, the small, low-power, low-noise sensor provides accurate altitude measurement

Mouser Electronics | 01-06-2018