New IPX7-rated waterproof MEMS microphone

CUI Devices’ Audio Group has released a new waterproof MEMS microphone that is excellent for harsh environments. The CMM-3424DT-26165-TR MEMS microphone holds an IPX7 waterproof rating for applications where moisture and liquid ingress are

CUI Devices | 14-09-2023

New industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches in ruggedised design

Advantech now supplies the EKI-2000 series of industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches from stock. With no setup needed, its unmanaged Ethernet switches deliver plug-and-play connectivity for Ethernet to fibre communication and have been deve

Advantech | 14-09-2023

New models of RF switches offer high performance across various configurations

Pasternack offers its latest line of RF electromechanical relay switches, delivering high performance across various configurations and specifications. This groundbreaking series provides a comprehensive selection of 21 switch models that s

Pasternack | 14-09-2023

Development starter kit for fast haptics prototyping

TDK Corporation offers a new development starter kit for fast haptics prototyping. It provides mechanical designers and engineers with first impressions of the haptic feedback with PowerHap piezo actuators, illustrates how the mechanical in

TDK | 13-09-2023

New gen mechanical pushbuttons created with high-grade stainless steel

Schurter expands its momentary pushbutton switch series MSM to include the newest addition, the MSM II. The MSM Metal Line switch family has been employed on the market for over 30 years, attributed to its durability, precision, and overall

Schurter | 08-09-2023

New relay extends current capacity for EV charging and UPS

Omron Electronic Components Europe has extended its G7EB high-power relay portfolio with a new 120A carry type for control and instrumentation applications, including PV inverters, EV charging and UPS. The new G7EB-1A-E supplies the key adv

Omron | 08-09-2023

Unipolar Hall switches save board space in battery-powered applications

Diodes Incorporated offers two new portfolios of monolithic, unipolar Hall-effect switches developed for proximity sensing in battery-powered applications. With an ultra-low 1.1µA supply current at 1.85V and 1.6µA at 1.6V to 5.5V, these dev

Diodes Inc | 04-09-2023

Highly configurable microwave switching to PXI just released

Pickering Interfaces has released its new 40/42-890 family of modular, flexible PXI/PXIe microwave switches, bringing highly configurable RF switching solutions up to 110GHz to the PXI platform. This new range supports the latest and most d

Pickering | 01-09-2023

New line of robust electromechanical relay switches

Fairview Microwave has released a series of advanced electromechanical relay switches. These cutting-edge switches are set to redefine RF signal routing across various market bands, ranging from DC up to 43 GHz. Signifying a notable tech

Fairview | 01-09-2023

Agreement signed to bundle haptic technology licenses with actuator series

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc has announced it is releasing a new series of IHPT solenoid-based haptic actuators that are bundled with patent licenses for Immersion Corporation's haptic technology. The bundle streamlines the design-in process

Vishay | 30-08-2023

Gigabit Ethernet switch with AVB/TSN and integrated PHYs for automation

Microchip Technology has announced the LAN9662 Gigabit Ethernet Switch with four ports, AVB/TSN, two integrated 10/100/1000BASE-T PHYs and a 600 MHz Arm Cortex-A7 CPU subsystem. To support industrial Ethernet applications, the switch fea

Microchip Technology | 29-08-2023

Flexible microwave switching family provides highly configurable switching solutions

Pickering Interfaces will showcase its new 40/42-890 family of modular, flexible microwave switches, obtaining highly configurable switching solutions up to 110GHz to the PXI platform at IEEE AUTOTESTCON 2023. Ideal for test environments

Pickering | 23-08-2023

New switch plug-in-card provides secure high bandwidth switch connections

Concurrent Technologies has launched Iris, a dual enclave switch card. The company will market it as a plug-in-card (PIC) to other system integrators and use it as the basis for its own system-level products. Iris is the system keystone

Concurrent | 23-08-2023

Future-proof networks with industrial Ethernet switches

Impulse Embedded offer Moxa's EDS-2000 and EDS-4000 Industrial Ethernet Switches, providing systems integrators with networking tools that are pivotal in connecting multiple devices within a LAN. Acting as intermediaries, these switches ena

Impulse Embedded | 23-08-2023