Power relay offers bidirectional switching and high capacity

The high-performance relays of the G9KB series from Omron now complement Rutronik's portfolio. They have a high capacity of 600VDC at 50A and provide a bidirectional opening and closing. Especially suited for use in miniaturised designs of

Rutronik | 01-02-2024

New Bluetooth module with doubled radio transmission power

EnOcean has introduced the second-generation Bluetooth switch module PTM 216B, enabling a new era in energy-efficient lighting control. This revolutionary energy-harvesting module builds upon the success of its predecessor, the PTM 215B – t

EnOcean | 25-01-2024

New AC fans product line added to thermal management portfolio

CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group has added AC fans to its product portfolio. The CAF family is a range of AC axial fans offering frame sizes of 120mm or 172mm and airflows from 44.69 to 164.5 CFM. Available with ball bearing or sleeve

CUI Devices | 22-01-2024

Next-generation family of Ethernet switches provide TSN

Microchip Technology has announced its next-generation of LAN969x Ethernet switches with TSN, scalable bandwidths from 46Gbps to 102Gbps and a powerful 1GHz single-core Arm Cortex-A53 CPU. The switches can be configured with High-availab

Microchip Technology | 19-01-2024

New MOSFET relays extend capacity and operating temperature

Omron Electronic Components Europe has extended its MOSFET relay lineup to provide higher operating temperature and improved capacity in a high-current six-pin DIP format. Its new G3VM-63BR and G3VM-63ER extend the company's 60V DIP6 MOSFET

Omron | 18-01-2024

Motion tracking MEMS device supports drone and robotics applications

Mouser now stocks the IIM-20670 MotionTracking MEMS device from TDK InvenSense. The device is a robust SmartIndustrial six-axis IMU for tilt and stabilization applications. The device supports industrial applications requiring extreme tempe

Mouser Electronics | 17-01-2024

High-voltage hall-effect latches provide improved resistance to physical stress

Diodes Incorporated has added the AH371xQ series of high-voltage Hall-effect latches to its product portfolio. These automotive-compliant devices feature a proprietary Hall plate design that boosts performance. They are used for BLDC motor

Diodes Inc | 28-12-2023

New agreement provides valuable extension to switch offerings

New Yorker Electronics has announced its agreement with E-Switch, a manufacturer of electromechanical switches. E-Switch has delivered quality electromechanical switches to the telecom, technology, medical, electronics, instrumentation, ind

New Yorker Electronics | 11-12-2023

Normally-closed dome switch with single pole-double throw capabilities

Snaptron has launched the NC-Series, a normally closed switch characterised by its SPDT design. This cutting-edge switch offers a low-profile solution for redundancy for a wide range of applications. It can consecutively produce two non-ele

Snaptron | 28-11-2023

Expanded buzzers line features new illuminated models

CUI Devices' Audio Group has added illuminated models to its line of buzzers. The CLI family is a range of piezo audio indicator buzzers providing various illumination colours, including blue, green, red, and yellow. Thanks to their built-i

CUI Devices | 24-11-2023

Single-pair Ethernet switches for automotive and industrial applications

Mouser now ships LAN8650 and LAN8651 industrial-grade single-pair Ethernet switches from Microchip Technology. The LAN865x series allows designers to connect 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microcontrollers that do not have a built-in Ethernet MAC to 1

Mouser Electronics | 21-11-2023

Wide range of control knob options customisation available

Cliff Electronics offer a wide range of control knobs to suit audio, broadcast, instrumentation, medical, lighting, vending applications and more. Rotary Control Knobs suited for use with rotary switches, potentiometers or encoders are m

Cliff Electronics | 15-11-2023

Durable relay switches offer high power handling over high frequencies

Pasternack has introduced its trailblazing quartz fusion series of surface-mount electromechanical relay switches. The modern design with advanced technology showcases a blend of functionality and resilience in a sleek, surface-mount packag

Pasternack | 03-11-2023

Highly accurate and robust induction motor position sensing technology

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released a cost-effective IPS technology for highly accurate motor position sensor ICs for industrial, medical and robotics applications. Using non-contact coil sensors, the position sensing technology ca

Renesas | 31-10-2023