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New electronic rotary latch offers high-strength security in a small package

Southco Asia Ltd, a subsidiary of Southco Inc, has extended its R4-EM Electronic Rotary Latch series with a compact version that provides advanced intelligence. The new electronic rotary latch supplies concealed electronic latching and enha

Southco Asia | 27-02-2023

Locking power connectors fully comply with 60320-1 standard

Lane Electronics now supplies the latest powerCON connectors from Neutrik. Expanding the connector blue and grey portfolio, the two new variants, NAC3FXXA and NAC3FXXB cable connectors, fulfil relevant device standards, including IEC62368-1

Lane Electronics | 24-02-2023

New series of connectors and adapters developed for high-voltage applications

Fairview Microwave offers a series of 10kV and 20kV connectors and adapters. They are ideal for multiple uses, including test and measurement, imaging inspection, and medical and aerospace applications. This new line of hermetically seal

Fairview Microwave | 24-02-2023

New easy-actuation terminal blocks make wiring interior projects quicker

Hylec-APL has released a revamped model of its Debox SL junction box providing redesigned terminal blocks. It was the first-ever completely toolless in-line electrical junction box. The new models have green twin-lever actuators on the f

Hylec-APL | 23-02-2023

New DIN rail options added to terminal blocks product line

CUI Devices’ Interconnect Group has expanded its line of terminal blocks with the new DIN rail terminal block models. The TBDR family provides push-in spring or end cap connector types with feed-through or ground-type styles. These terminal

CUI Devices | 22-02-2023

Updated modular DIN rail PCB holders for multiple applications

OKW’s RAILTEC SUPPORT open PCB holders for TH35, TH15 and G32 DIN rails are now offered in light grey as standard. They are part of its RAILTEC C range of DIN rail enclosures for automation, Industry 4.0/Smart Factory, building and safet

OKW Enclosures | 21-02-2023

Faster and more cost-efficient IEC 63171-6-compliant SPE connectors

Amphenol's Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connectors for industrial applications allow direct Ethernet connection to peripheral devices and are available now from Rutronik. These include actuators, sensors, and cameras for vision systems runnin

Rutronik | 20-02-2023

Antenna offers a multi-hub 7-in-1 for multiple solutions

Molex Multi-Hub 7-in-1 Antenna provides 2x LTE/5G full-band, 2x LTE/5G high-band, 2x Wi-Fi, and 1x GNSS functionalities. This antenna contains an SMA connector that enables adjustable cable length, and the connector is adaptable to FAKRA

Mouser Electronics | 16-02-2023

High-performance and flexibility with new SMA to SMP cable assembly configuration

Amphenol RF has introduced a new configuration of SMA to SMP assemblies to its extensive line of fixed-length cable assemblies. This assembly comprises a straight SMA plug with a right-angle SMP plug and uses the Tflex 405 cable type from A

Amphenol | 13-02-2023

Digital options for simple connector configuration

Designers face a wide range of options when designing interfaces for their product. The choices are almost limitless, whether for electrical signal, power, fibre optics, an alternative medium or a combination. So, the main challenge for the

ODU Connectors | 10-02-2023

Global distribution agreement delivers automotive components

Mouser has a new distribution agreement with Yazaki Corporation. Through the agreement, Mouser now stocks Yazaki’s latest electrical connectors, including the 1.5 Series connectors. The 1.5 Series, offered in sealed and unsealed options, fe

Mouser Electronics | 09-02-2023

Advanced HMI enclosures for machine control equipment

ROLEC’s advanced HMI enclosures now incorporate multiPANEL, profiPANEL and profiPANEL STANDARD – providing industrial electronics designers more choices. Elegant multiPANEL is ideal for small-volume applications needing advanced function

Rolec Enclosures | 09-02-2023

Quad-row board-to-board connectors provide space-saving connections

Mouser now stocks the Quad-Row board-to-board connectors from Molex. The connectors provide a staggered circuit layout and a 0.175mm pitch low-profile design for 30% space savings over traditional connectors. These patent-pending connectors

Mouser Electronics | 08-02-2023

New locking components enhance interconnected systems cybersecurity

Amphenol SOCAPEX has developed a locking solution for 38999, RJFTV, USBFTV connectors and caps series. Locks provide extra security by lowering the risk of manual unlocking of plugs and caps, which limits deliberate intrusions via connector

Amphenol | 08-02-2023