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Automotive LIN transceiver with integrated LDO voltage regulator

Texas Instruments TLIN1028S-Q1 Automotive LIN Transceiver is compliant to LIN 2.2A ISO/DIS 17987-4.2 standards, with an integrated LDO voltage regulator. LIN is a single-wire bidirectional bus typically employed for low-speed in-vehicle net

Texas Instruments | 15-04-2020

Step-down voltage converters for rugged automotive applications

Texas Instruments LM63635D-Q1 Step-Down Voltage Converters are simple-to-use, synchronous, step-down DC-DC converters created for rugged automotive applications. The devices can drive up to 3.25A of load current from an input of up to 32

Texas Instruments | 09-04-2020

Buck DC-DC converter created to operate at elevated junction temperatures

Texas Instruments LM5163H-Q1 High-Temperature Buck DC-DC Converter is created to operate at elevated junction temperatures, up to 165C. This allows high-density solutions that support high ambient temperature and output power specifications

Texas Instruments | 07-04-2020

Radial automotive varistor for high-temperature applications

AVX High-Temperature Radial Varistors are created for high-temperature applications. Products have been tested, qualified, and specified to 150C. The Radial Leaded TransGuard is constructed for durability in harsh environments. These compon

AVX Limited | 06-04-2020

Linear Hall sensor for safety-critical automotive torque-sensing applications

Melexis has released the MLX91377 ASIL-ready Hall sensor IC ideal for application in safety-critical automotive systems such as electric power-assisted steering. With an ambient operating temperature up to 160C and uniting high linearity

Melexis | 03-04-2020

Low ESL MLCC for automotive applications

Murata's NFM series, available now from TTI Europe, is the most fitting low ESL capacitors for noise measurement and power decoupling of powertrain and safety equipment. Due to its equivalent series inductance which is low and displays e

TTI Europe | 02-04-2020

New WiFi-connected automotive test scopes with differential inputs

TiePie engineering has introduced three new powerful high-resolution Automotive Test Scopes with WiFi and LAN connection, the Automotive Test Scope ATS610004DW-XMSG, ATS605004DW-XMS and ATS5004DW. These new WiFiScopes sign a new, innovative

TiePie Engineering | 01-04-2020

Automotive-grade temperature sensors meet industry high standards

Sensirion STS3xA Automotive-Grade Temperature Sensors, available now from Mouser, are optimised to satisfy the high-quality standards of the automotive industry. The compact sensors provide a fully integrated CMOSens sensor chip that giv

Mouser Electronics | 31-03-2020

Dual-channel smart high-side switch integrates robust protection

Texas Instruments TPS2HB50-Q1 Dual-Channel Smart High-Side Switch is designed for usage in 12V automotive systems. The device combines robust protection and diagnostic features to assure output port protection, even throughout harmful event

Texas Instruments | 27-03-2020

Capacitor array qualified for the automotive industry

As one of the market leaders in the development and manufacture of capacitor arrays, AVX now provides a range of AEC-Q200 qualified arrays to complement their product range to the automotive industry. Both the AVX 0612 and 0508 four-element

AVX | 26-03-2020

Metal composite power inductors for automotive applications

KEMET Corporation has released a new family of metal composite power inductors to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive market. The MPXV product providing enhances the company’s METCOM range and is AEC-Q200 qualified for use in

Kemet | 20-03-2020

Automotive grade phototransistor optocoupler saves energy and space

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new automotive-grade phototransistor optocoupler that combines a high CTR range from 50% to 600% with a low forward current of 1mA in the compact SOP-4 mini-flat package. Providing 80% lower forwar

Vishay | 19-03-2020

Expanded automotive switch series provides superior operating feel

Alps Alpine offers a new model, with 5N operating force and 1.04mm travel, to its SKSU Series compact, middle-stroke TACT Switch lineup which is ideal for automotive use. The company has responded to the needs of the market and customers

Alps | 19-03-2020

SPI nvSRAM for the automotive temperature range

Anvo-Systems Dresden GmbH has expanded its product portfolio with the 64Kb ANV32E61ASA66 nvSRAM with SPI. In the event of an unforeseeable operating voltage drop, the memory device facilitates storage of all data and improves the security o

Anvo-Systems | 16-03-2020