The smallest 3D coil receiver antenna for VR/AR launched

Premo Group has launched the 3DCC03 series, the smallest 3D coil receiver antenna on the market. With a 60% smaller size than its direct predecessor, the series has been created to

Test & Measurement | 03-08-2023

Module for air-cooled EV charging stations with embedded resonant choke

At the core of Premo's innovation lies a compact 50KW transformer set meticulously engineered to fulfil the demanding power needs of modern EVs. Housed within a sleek 300mm x 174mm

Power | 03-07-2023

Door handler module allows user to open a vehicle with a smartphone

PREMO has added the KGEA-DH-NFCTS door handler module to its product line. It is a revolutionary product that combines advanced NFC technology with cutting-edge touch-sensing capab

Test & Measurement | 20-06-2023

Latest innovation in high-power common-mode chokes for onboard chargers in EVs

PREMO has released its latest four-phase high-power common-mode chokes created for EMC noise filtering in onboard chargers of up to 22Kw in EVs, the new 4CMCN065R0-16H and 4CMCN065

Power | 10-05-2023

Flyback transformers series extended for onboard EV/PHV AC/DC battery chargers

Flyback transformers are very popular for cost-effective, high-efficiency isolated power converters from one to tens of Watts power size. The new PREMO FLYT-004 and FLYT-005 transf

Power | 11-04-2023

New series LLC set with combined transformer and resonance inductor

Premo has developed an efficient triple 3.6kW LLC (ideal for 400V Input) set with a transformer and resonance inductor specifically designed for onboard chargers capable of handlin

Power | 30-03-2023

Converter solution designed to increase power density

PREMO has released the new 11kW 3DPower solution, a full bridge LLC transformer 150µH + resonant choke 25µH merged in one single unit. This innovation offers up to 40-50% reduction

Automotive & Transport | 03-11-2021

Innovative pushbutton switches for automotive and harsh environments

PREMO has launched its Pushbutton Switches series PB-Sx, with excellent electrical, mechanical, and waterproof performance specially designed for vehicle access and other applicati

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 16-03-2021

New receiver antennae for EV wireless charging applications

PREMO has launched the WC-RX-Series (compact secondary coils) that delivers to the market very reliable receiver coils for wireless charger applications for electric vehicles. Most

Automotive & Transport | 23-10-2019

Electro-magnetic sensor can be integrated into Smartphones and other devices

PREMO has released the 3DC14EMR-ULP series, claimed to be the lowest profile 3D antenna coil available (under 50% in comparison to other antenna coils in the market today). The bul

Test & Measurement | 02-10-2019

Innovative antenna design for access and general RFID-LF access applications

PREMO has announced the LFAD-Series (Diabolo-shape) antennas, providing up to 40-50% reduction in length, this is an innovative design to produce the same H-field with a different

Products | 10-10-2018

Small VR 3D motion tracking sensor for immersive experience and tracking in augmented reality environments

PREMO claims to offer the smallest VR electromagnetic motion tracking sensor with a size of just 6mm x 6mm x 2mm. These components are fully magnetically isotropic 3DCoilTM trimmed

Products | 24-10-2017

Surface-mount 3D-coil integrates both LF and NFC functionality

Premo has launched a new 3D-coil with double functionality in both low-frequency (125kHz) and high-frequency applications (13.56MHz). In the last few years, communication techn

Products | 03-02-2016

High IGT transformer for controlling MOSFETs in automotive DC-DC power CVs

Embedded AC/DC and DC-DC converters represent a growing technology in the automotive marketplace. For EV and HEV cars that become to be produced at huge volumes, both onboard batte

Design Applications | 03-08-2015