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Radiation-tolerant power converters provide high-reliability solution for space applications

The LEO market is rapidly growing as private and public entities alike explore the new space region for everything from 5G communication and cube satellites to IoT applications. There is an increased demand for standard space grade solution

Microchip Technology | 17-05-2024

Radiation-tolerant SoC FPGAs for space applications

Microchip Technology has launched the RT PolarFire SoC FPGA, which ensures high performance, reliability, power efficiency, and best-in-class security for emerging space domain threats. Developed on the company's RT PolarFire FPGA, it is th

Microchip Technology | 14-05-2024

Connectors offering notable size and weight savings are available now

Powell Electronics now offers Glenair's Series 806 Mil-Aero connectors. These products deliver significant size and weight savings while fulfilling key performance benchmarks for various applications, such as commercial and defence aerospac

Powell Electronics | 10-05-2024

COTS/MOTS 1000W IP65-rated power supplies for defence and harsh environments

Powerbox has announced its new ruggedised series, the ECD1000A, for ground-based defence applications and harsh industrial environments. Housed in a metal IP65 enclosure with baseplate conduction cooling, the series delivers 1000W and can b

Powerbox | 09-05-2024

Automotive grade surge withstanding chip resistor has outstanding pulse handling

Many types of electronic products across various market segments need higher reliability components. Automotive grade resistors offer increased reliability and enhanced performance without the high cost and limited availability of component

Stackpole | 26-04-2024

Innovative L-type mounts for standard gain horn antennas

Pasternack has announced its latest breakthrough with L-type mounts for standard gain horn antennas. This groundbreaking mounting solution optimises testing and measurement setups by combining convenience and precision in a single package.

Pasternack | 26-04-2024

Power solution simplifies aviation’s transition to more electric aircraft

To provide the aviation industry with a comprehensive electric actuation solution, Microchip Technology has announced a new integrated actuation power solution that combines companion gate driver boards with an expansive Hybrid Power Drive

Microchip Technology | 26-04-2024

Phase shifters and continuously variable attenuators meet next-gen RF needs

Pasternack has launched its newest product lines of phase shifters and continuously variable attenuators featuring an intuitive dial design. The products are designed to enhance performance and precision in telecommunications, aerospace and

Pasternack | 25-04-2024

New RF terminations deliver high power for demanding applications

Pasternack has released its latest innovation – high-power RF terminations with operating frequencies up to 6GHz. These terminations are crafted with various connectorised designs, including 4.3-10, 7/16 DIN and N-type connectors. This d

Pasternack | 17-04-2024

Four terminal shunt chip resistors deliver for high-efficiency applications

Applications requiring high-efficiency current sensing, such as avionics, communications and infrastructure, tablets, and graphics drivers, generally demand extremely low resistance values. Nonetheless, ensuring sensing accuracy poses a for

Stackpole | 16-04-2024

New and high-reliability defence-spec capacitors for demanding applications

Kyocera AVX has released the new TCD Series DLA 04051 and COTS-Plus conductive polymer capacitors. These new high-reliability conductive polymer capacitors are engineered for usage in demanding aerospace, defence, and industrial application

Kyocera AVX | 11-04-2024

New RF fixed attenuators offer high power and precise control

Fairview Microwave has launched its new RF fixed attenuators with 3.5mm connectors. The attenuators are created to satisfy the demands of modern communication systems, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability. The new RF fixed

Fairview Microwave | 25-03-2024

Fibre-optic connectors for high-speed and high-reliability data applications

Offered by Lane Electronics, the market-leading Souriau 8D/MIL-DTL-38999 Series III ELIO range of fibre optic connectors by Eaton have many applications for high-speed data communications in defence and commercial airborne systems and can b

Lane Electronics | 19-03-2024

New agreement to access terminal blocks and cable management systems and more

New Yorker Electronics has a new franchised distribution agreement with Conta-Clip. The manufacturer creates many of its products in Germany, delivering various components for industrial applications such as terminal blocks, connectors, rel

New Yorker Electronics | 19-03-2024

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