Power stage, regulator and inductor in a robust package

With the MagI3C VDRM, Würth Elektronik has introduced a new DC-DC voltage converter in this power module family in a TO263-7EP package. The input voltage range of the converter cov

Products | 10-08-2018

First double choke with moulding technology

Würth Elektronik eiSos has unveiled their WE-MCRI - a novel double choke. It is claimed to be the first of its kind on the market with moulding technology. With its soft saturation

Products | 18-07-2018

New current sense transformers for high-reliability equipment applications now available

Wurth Electronics Midcom has released additional Current Sense transformers to the MID-SNS family. These 40A MID-SNS transformers are constructed on a compact platform with a 1

Products | 09-07-2018

Solderless and direct plug-in connectors save space

Würth Elektronik eiSos has a new “REDFIT IDC SKEDD WR-WST connectors” product family offering solderless, space-saving and multi-pluggable connectors for signal transmission. The m

Products | 18-05-2018

Controlling plant growth selectively with artificial light

Würth Elektronik has announced the WL-SMDC – the new mono-colour ceramic LEDs for SMT assembly – optimally tailored for artificially illuminated greenhouses. As well as manufacturi

New Technologies | 23-04-2018

Expanded range of SMD spacers for automated assembly

The board-to-board connectors from Würth Elektronik eiSos for SMT assembly are their latest development in this product group. Included is the WA-SMST with a through-hole of 4.5mm

Products | 03-04-2018

New development kit combines wireless power and data transmission

The 760308EMP-WPT-200W from Würth Elektronik eiSos and Infineon Technologies AG is a 200W development system for wireless power transfer. The development kit offers a link betwee


SMD coupled power choke is the smallest of its type in portfolio

The WE-DPC HV (Double Power Choke High Voltage) is a magnetically shielded, SMD coupled power choke with two identical windings and a high isolation voltage of 1.5kV. It is the sma

Products | 19-10-2017

New extended rail RM8 transformer series for offline applications

Available from Würth Electronics, offering single or dual 5V or 12V outputs, these flyback transformers are built with grounded cores for improved EMI performance, small footprint

Products | 01-09-2017

Signal plug connectors achieve precisely defined spacing between PCBs

Suitable for SMT assembly, the WR-BTB is a new family of signal plug connectors from Würth Elektronik. The plugs with coded guide are available in versions with 40, 64, 80 or 100 p

Products | 29-08-2017

New SMT cable clamps are small, black and snappy

Würth Elektronik now offers an addition to its Wire Protection System WR-TBL product family. The Series 8050 is a horizontal entry clamp in 2.5mm pitch, available either as a two o

Products | 09-08-2017

New LLC resonant half-bridge series offers excellent efficiency

Wurth Electronics Midcom is proud to announce the release of MID-LLCEPC; a new series of offline transformers using LLC resonant half-bridge topology. With the low switching losses

Products | 14-07-2017

High current flat wire power inductor with higher saturation current

Würth Elektronik eiSos announced the WE-HCF in a 2815 package, a flat wire power inductor with very high current loading capacity and efficiency. The latest member of the series is

Products | 26-06-2017

New low-profile gate drive transformers suit industrial, medical and solar energy applications

The new MID-GDT transformer series is now available from Wurth Electronics. These low profile gate drive transformers are surface mount with a maximum height of 5.38mm, and operate

Products | 16-06-2017