Extended VDMM power module meets 24V voltage network requirements

11-07-2022 | Wurth | Power

A new generation of MagI³C VDMM power modules: The Variable Step Down MicroModules, from Würth Elektronik, now cover all bus voltages from 3.3V through 24V Applications include PoL converters or a direct connection to the 24V bus. The ultra-wide input voltage varies up to 36V making the MicroModule robust against voltage transients on the 24V bus. The series has been optimised for space-limited applications and is supplied in the compact LGA-8 package. The adjustable output voltage ranges from 1V to 6V with a current up to 0.3A.

The series is ideal for replacing linear regulators. Applications comprise supplying interfaces, microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSPs and FPGAs. Due to their small package size and high efficiency (up to 87%), they are ideal for mobile and battery-powered devices. To save energy, the power module may be set to sleep mode utilising an additional pin.

The company undertook its own pre-compliance measurements to verify filter combinations and ascertained that the interference radiated and conducted from the modules is under the limit of EMC standard EN55032/CISPR32 Class B.

By Natasha Shek