Next generation isolated power modules

19-08-2022 | Wurth | Power

Würth Elektronik offers the next generation of 1W 'Fixed Isolated SIP/SMT Modules'. The unique features of the improved integrated voltage converters include continuous short-circuit protection and increased isolation voltage. The nine new modules in standard SIP-4, SIP-7 and SMT-8 packages are pin-to-pin compatible with the prior MagI³C FISM.

The power modules are fully integrated DC-DC voltage converters with a fixed output voltage. The modules comprise the power stage, transformer, input and output capacitance. No external components are needed for operation, and circuit design effort is minimal. This lowers development costs and makes it possible to move to market quickly with new applications. The complete product line is certified to the current UL standard UL62368-1, but the new modules provide even more safety. They cannot be destroyed by short circuits and can withstand their isolation voltage of 1.5 kV for the SIP-4 modules and 3 kV for SIP-7 and SMT-8 for 60 seconds.

This makes the new MagI³C-FISM more useful as functional isolation to prevent ground loops, ground level offsets, and interference in the signal path or sensor systems. This isolation voltage is essential when developing power supplies for interfaces and microcontrollers within test equipment or industrial electronics.

The company measured the modules with filter combinations, whose parts are listed in the datasheet, and found the radiated and conducted emissions of the modules are below the limits of the EMC standard EN55032/CISPR32 Class B.

By Seb Springall