Robust and versatile high precision positioning technology for industrial and automotive applications

26-02-2018 | U-Blox | New Technologies

U-blox has announced the U-blox F9 technology platform, which delivers high precision positioning solutions for mass market industrial and automotive applications. The platform combines multi-band GNSS technology with dead reckoning, high precision algorithms, and compatibility with a variety of GNSS correction data services to achieve precision down to the centimetre level. The device paves the way for the next generation of high precision navigation, augmented reality, and unmanned vehicles. “High precision is the next frontier in positioning for mass markets, with countless applications in need of a robust and scalable high precision positioning solution. U-blox F9 provides the hardware and integrated software components to address these needs,” says Daniel Ammann, executive director Positioning Product Development, Product Center Positioning at U-blox. Embedded World, Booth #3-139, February 27 - March 1

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