Surveying solution with drone using high-performance positioning technology

13-03-2018 | U-Blox | Test & Measurement

U-blox has announced that Japan-based Aerosense Inc. has commercialised its AEROBO Marker solution for drone surveying using their NEO-M8T timing module. Created to calculate absolute time to within 20 nanoseconds using incoming GNSS signals, the device allows users to access RAW GNSS data output, making it attractive for positioning applications relying on post-processing GNSS data to improve location accuracy. The surveying solution is intended to decrease the time spent surveying construction sites. By joining ground markers furnished with a GNSS receiver with surveying drones and cloud-based data processing, they have turned huge workloads into a user-friendly application for anyone. The challenge that engineers at Aerosense faced while developing their solution was achieving sufficiently high position accuracy. “We found a robust solution to the accuracy challenge by using the U-blox NEO-M8T high-performance positioning module,” says Mr Satoru Shimizu, project leader of AEROBO Marker, Technology Development Dept at Aerosense Inc.

By Electropages Admin