Concurrent GNSS technology offers accuracy, reliability and affordability

12-10-2017 | U-Blox | Subs & Systems

U-blox has announced that its LEA-M8T concurrent GNSS timing module is now being used by V3Novus, in its latest Precision Synchronization System with built-in NTP Server. Aimed at the telecom, railway and defence application space to provide traceable time stamps for data transported over packet networks, the time synchronization system also features a precision Rubidium oscillator to supplement the signal received by the module. This gives operators greater confidence in the NTP (Network Time Protocol) server’s output under all conditions. “As networks migrate from traditional TDM technology to packet switched networks, to accommodate higher amounts of data, V3Novus continues to innovate its time synchronization systems,” says Andrew Miles, senior principal engineer, Product Center Positioning at u-blox. “While standards groups introduce updates and propose new metrics to address packet-based synchronization techniques, the latest offering from V3Novus successfully integrates these developments in time, frequency and phase generation, transfer and consumption.” “We chose to partner with U-blox for our latest precise Time Synchronization System because the LEA-M8T module provides the high degree of time accuracy we needed in this application,” explains Hemanth Kumar HD, director business development, V3Novus. “We have always found u-blox modules to provide the best combination of reliability and affordability.”

By Electropages Admin