Subsidised NB-IoT module for sale on China Telecom Tianyigou purchasing platform

08-02-2018 | U-Blox | Subs & Systems

U-blox now offers its SARA-N201 NB-IoT module on the China Telecom Tianyigou purchasing platform. Customers who purchase modules there are eligible to receive a per-unit subsidy of RMB 20. The module comes fully certified for operation on China Telecom’s NB-IoT network. “This is the first time that China Telecom has included a NB-IoT U-blox product in its online offering,” says Perry Zhang, Principal Strategic Partnerships at U-blox. “Aside from increasing our visibility in China, this benefits our Chinese customers by qualifying them to receive financial support towards their purchase.” Also, the module has passed China Unicom’s certification test.

By Electropages Admin